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Regional Youth Traineeship Program - Program Events

Trainees participating in the Regional Youth Traineeship Program were required to attend a 'Welcome to local government' induction at the commencement of their traineeship, and a Capability Building Workshop in their second year of employment.

Welcome to Local Government Induction

The ‘LGA Welcome to Local Government Induction’ was rolled out to regional areas in Round 1 within the first year of the two year employment of the 57 trainees. This will continue in Round 2 of the program.

Attendance by all 57 trainees in the program and their supervisors was a pre-requisite in the LGA-Council Agreement for the program (at no cost to program participants).

The regional inductions were specifically designed to enable trainees and their supervisors to travel to and from the venue during their normal work hours.

The induction provides the opportunity for regional trainees and their supervisors to network with each and share good news stories about the program with the Program Coordinator.

Invitations to the Minister for Regional Development to meet the trainees in their region were sent upon confirmation of the delivery schedule in Round 1 and will continue in Round 2.

The LGA customised induction fulfilled a number of Funding Deed requirements for the program including:

  • attend regional meetings to monitor the program and meeting with participating councils and trainees;
  • provide case management support to councils and trainees and;
  • provide counselling support to trainees.

The Induction program incorporated a number of requests received from participating councils, specifically: reinforcement of the Code of Conduct for council employees (Local Government Act 1999), particularly with the use of technology and social media; local government career opportunities and; a WHS refresher.

Guest speakers from each region were also invited to share their career journeys and inspirational messages with the trainees as they begin their career journeys.

Trainee Capability Building Workshop

Within the second year of the two year employment of trainees in both rounds of the program, regional delivery of a Trainee Capability Building Workshop will be provided by the LGA through funds specifically allocated in the $2M provided by Primary Industries and Regions SA for each round.

The workshops provide another networking opportunity for the trainees across a number of regions in addition to preparing them for future employment opportunities within or outside the local government sector.

The Workshop includes:

  • Resume writing and Interview technique Workshop (Provided by regional council HR Managers for a local government perspective.)
  • Effective Workplace Communication Workshop (Team building exercises, personality profiling and problem solving techniques.
  • Confidence and Resilience Building Workshop

Delivery schedules will be provided once known.

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