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Strong growth in female leadership

13 November 2018
The 2018 council elections have seen 22 women elected to lead South Australian councils – a significant increase on the nine female mayors elected in 2014.
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Cost of living a key theme for LGA AGM

22 October 2018
Improving housing affordability, lobbying for an increase to the Newstart allowance and in-home support for the elderly are some of the social policy motions that will be considered by councils at the 2018 LGA AGM this Friday 26 October.
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More South Australians putting their hand up for council

20 September 2018
Nominations for the 2018 council elections have reached a twenty year high.
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LGASA innovating with councils to benefit communities

12 September 2018
Councils are set to save more than $2 million in legal costs each year, which will be invested back into communities, following the decision by the LGASA to enter into a partnership with leading national law firm, HWL Ebsworth Lawyers.
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Nominations for 2018 council elections open today

4 September 2018
Men and women of all ages and backgrounds are being encouraged to run for their local council, with the two-week nomination period starting today.
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Cost shifting to councils to continue

4 September 2018
The LGA has welcomed the abolishment of the ‘Rubble Royalties’ tax announced as part of the 2018-19 State Budget, but said the Government is still largely failing to honour a pre-election commitment to stop cost shifting to councils.
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Strong female voices in public life

31 August 2018
“We need strong female voices in public life” said LGA President Sue Clearihan. “Women bring a different perspective that leads to more balanced decision making.”
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LGA Board commits to sensible local government reform

10 August 2018 (amended: 10 August 2018)
The LGA Board has today reaffirmed a commitment to work with all Members of Parliament to deliver local government reforms that will result in real and lasting benefits for communities.
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LGA calls for end to cost shifting

8 August 2018
The LGA has called on the Government to honour its pre-election commitment to stop cost shifting to councils when it hands down its 2018-19 State Budget.
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New migrants encouraged to have their say

6 August 2018
LGA President Councillor Sue Clearihan has encouraged new migrants to get involved in their local community by enrolling to vote in the November council elections by this Friday 10 August.
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Councils meet to discuss rate capping bill

13 July 2018
More than 200 South Australian mayors, elected members, CEOs and council staff will meet at Adelaide Town Hall from 9.30am this morning to discuss the State Government’s proposed rate capping legislation.
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LGA insurance review to save ratepayers $43 million

12 July 2018
The LGA’s review and restructure of the local government sector’s Mutual Liability and Workers Compensation Schemes is projected to save South Australian ratepayers at least $43 million over the next ten years.
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Councillor Sue Clearihan appointed LGA President

13 June 2018
City of Adelaide Councillor Sue Clearihan was appointed as the new LGA President at a special meeting of the LGA Board this afternoon.
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Resignation of LGA President Mayor Rosenberg

7 June 2018
LGA President Mayor Lorraine Rosenberg has resigned following a special meeting of the LGA Executive Committee today.
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Local SA roads overlooked in 2018-19 Budget

8 May 2018
While the 2018-19 Federal Budget includes a significant investment in large-scale infrastructure projects, the future of the local roads South Australians use every day remains uncertain.
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$8.8 million impact of China’s National Sword

7 May 2018
An LGA-commissioned market analysis report has identified that the impact of China’s National Sword policy on SA’s recycling sector could be as high as $8.8 million per year, with the likelihood that most of these increased costs will be passed on to SA councils and their ratepayers.
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Rate capping claims “disingenuous”

23 April 2018
The LGA has hit back at comments from the Minister for Local Government in today’s Advertiser that South Australia’s councils “have been gouging ratepayers.”
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Urgent support needed for SA recycling

29 March 2018
The LGA has warned that immediate financial relief and a long term strategy to establish local markets for recyclables are both needed to protect South Australian councils and communities from the impact of changes to China’s waste import policy.
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Don't fall for rate capping

9 March 2018
The LGA has urged South Australian voters not to fall for rate capping when casting their vote on 17 March.
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LGA roadmap for local government reform

5 March 2018
The LGA has presented all parties with a road map for local government reform, outlining priority changes that can be implemented in the first 100 days of the next government and beyond.
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LGA seeking partners to help fix code

24 January 2018
The LGA has invited SA’s political parties to a round table meeting today to discuss the sector’s “broken” code of conduct system, and work collaboratively towards a solution.
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