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The Jim Hullick Award

State and local government in South Australia have a long history of collaboration. Significant developments included the establishment of the Local Government Finance Authority and the legislative backing for the LGA Workers Compensation Scheme and the LGA Mutual Liability Scheme in the 1980s.

In 1990 a preference for collaborative approaches was given formal recognition in the first formal agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) between a Premier (Bannon) and a President of the LGA (Germein).

Partnerships involve two parties and the LGA has decided to create this award to acknowledge those State and Commonwealth public servants who demonstrate true partnership behaviour, consistent with the objectives of the State/Local Relations Agreement, treat the local government sector with respect and work within a partnership paradigm in their careers. It is expected that nominees will have worked with all or a significant number of councils.

The Award is promoted and presented annually. It has been named to recognise the partnership work of Jim Hullick, who served as CEO of the LGA from 1975 to 1996.

Nominations will be accepted from Councils, Local Government Regions or from SAROC or the MLGG for currently serving State or Commonwealth public servants.

Who should be nominated
The following wording from the current State/Local Government Relations Agreement shall be used as a guide by the judging panel in assessing award applications:

"Mutual respect and a commitment to co-operative and productive work on issues of mutual importance"

"work collaboratively to achieve better outcomes for all SA Communities."

"regular and effective communication, consultation and negotiation on the formulation and implementation of key policies affecting..." local government.

As such, winners will be expected to have influenced outcomes on issues:

  • of mutual importance to State and local government;
  • impacting on all SA communities or a significant number of Council areas, not simply a project with a single geographic focus;
  • which have demonstrated a level of negotiation or joint agreement about processes.



Nominations should be signed off by the CEO of the Council or respective body making the nomination. For a copy of the nomination form please click here.

Nominations are to be emailed to by COB 21 September 2018.


13 April 2018             Nominations opened

21 September 2018      Nominations close

September 2018         Judging Panel meets

25 October 2018         Award Presented at 2018 LGA Conference and AGM Dinner


Past winners


  • Michelle Brown, Department of State Development


  • Ronnie Faggotter, Director of the State Recovery Office
  • Geoff Strempel, Associate Director Public Library Services


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