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Application for funding from the Local Government Research and Development Scheme

Please follow these steps:

  1. Read the "2018 Guidelines to applicants" available on this page.
  2. If your organisation is an "eligible applicant" then save a copy of this Word template: Project Submission Template to your computer, and complete it.
  3. Gather any supporting documentation.  If you have more than one supporting document, please combine them into one PDF or Word file, provided it is no bigger than 1.5 Mb.
  4. Go to the heading 'LGRDS Application' on this page below, and complete Section 1 "Application Summary" and Section 2 "Contact details"
  5. Go to Section 3 "Upload Documents" and upload the Word "Project Submission" that you completed as well as your supporting document, if you have one.
  6. Tick the two boxes constitutuing your "Declaration" and  click 'Submit"

Please do not complete the fields below, until.....

....until you have first opened, saved and completed the Word template: Project Submission Template. Only after you have completed your project submission should you come back to this page, to fill in the fields below and upload your project submission where indicated.

If you have any questions about the Local Government Research & Development Scheme, please contact the Scheme's Executive Officer, Mr Shane Sody, on (08) 8224 2036 or email

If you are experiencing any problems with this form please contact

* Mandatory Field

LGRDS Application
Section 1 - Application Summary
Project Title*
Brief Description of Project Proposal*
Funding Amount Sought*
Proposed Completion Date*
Section 2 - Contact Details
First Name*
Other Contact Name and Details if Required
Section 3 - Upload Documents

Maximum file size 1.5mb. If your file is larger than 1.5mb, please contact Danielle.Bailey on 8224 2088 to discuss other options.

Maximum file size 1.5mb. If your file is larger than 1.5mb, please contact Danielle Bailey on 8224 2088 to discuss other options

Verification of Proposal Information

I declare that:

The information contained in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge*
I have the authority of my organisation to submit this application*
If you see this, leave this form field blank.

Send a copy of the submitted form to this email address.

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