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Pensioner Concessions - Find my Local MP

Save Pensioner Concessions on Council Rates

The LGA and its member Councils in SA want State pensioner concessions on Council Rates to be maintained.  If you support this objective please help us.

In June 2014 the Commonwealth Government cut funding to the State Government for pensioner and other concessions amounting to $27m. The State Government has maintained concessions on Council rates paid under the SA Parliament’s Rates and Land Tax Remission Act 1986 ($34m) this financial year. However it has announced it will stop concessions on rates from 1 July 2015.

We estimate that next year’s rates, on average for most people currently eligible for a concession, will include a "bill shock" of around 20% without the concession.

Your Council and the Local Government Association is opposed to the Federal cut and is also opposing the State Government’s decision to abolish concessions on Council rates.

To help us to help our most vulnerable to retain their concession payments you can:

  1. Use the following links to send an email to your local MP (State and/or Federal) - click on the MP below (under "Find my Electorate" and you will be provided with an email to send or edit;
  2. Provide comment directly to the LGA using the form below under "Provide response to the LGA here" ;
  3. Write to your local MP, to your local newspaper or to the Advertiser or call in to a local radio station; or,
  4. Unless governments reverse these decisions, Councils and the LGA will be putting in place further campaign initiatives and will seek further public support.

Find My Electorate

If you know who your local State and Federal Members of Parliament are, go to the list you need below and click on the "+" to open the list. Simply click their name and an email message for you to send or edit will appear.  Otherwise, use the external links below to find your State and Federal Electorate before sending your message.

To find your State Electorate please click here.

To find your Federal Electorate please click here.

Click on the "+" at left to open these MP lists:

State Local Members of Parliament - Surname

State Local Members of Parliament - By Electorate

Member for Adelaide - Ms Rachel Sanderson MP

Member for Ashford - Hon Stephanie Key MP

Member for Bragg - Ms Vickie Chapman MP

Member for Bright - Mr David Speirs MP

Member for Chaffey - Mr Tim Whetstone MP

Member for Cheltenham - Hon Jay Weatherill MP

Member for Colton - Hon Paul Caica MP

Member for Croydon - Mr Michael Atkinson MP

Member for Davenport - Mr Sam Duluk MP

Member for Dunstan - Mr Steven Marshall MP

Member for Elder - Ms Annabel Digance MP

Member for Enfield - Hon John Rau MP

Member for Finniss - Mr Michael Pengilly MP

Member for Fisher - Ms Nat Cook MP

Member for Flinders - Mr Peter Treloar MP

Member for Florey - Ms Frances Bedford MP

Member for Frome - Hon Geoff Brock MP

Member for Giles - Mr Edward Hughes MP

Member for Goyder - Mr Steven Griffiths MP

Member for Hammond - Mr Adrian Pederick MP

Member for Hartley - Mr Vincent Tarzia MP

Member for Heysen - Ms Isobel Redmond MP

Member for Kaurna - Mr Christopher Picton MP

Member for Kavel - Mr Mark Goldsworthy MP

Member for Lee - Hon Stephen Mullighan MP

Member for Light - Hon Tony Piccolo JP, MP

Member for Little Para - Mr Lee Odenwalder MP

Member for MacKillop - Mr Mitch Williams MP

Member for Mawson - Hon Leon Bignell JP, MP, Hon

Member for Mitchell - Mr Corey Wingard MP

Member for Morialta - Mr John Gardner MP

Member for Morphett - Dr Duncan McFetridge MP

Member for Mount Gambier - Mr Troy Bell MP

Member for Napier - Mr Jon Gee MP

Member for Newland - Mr Tom Kenyon MP

Member for Playford - Hon Jack Snelling MP JP

Member for Port Adelaide - Hon Susan Close MP

Member for Ramsay - Hon Zoe Bettison MP

Member for Reynell - Ms Katrine Hildyard MP

Member for Schubert - Mr Stephen Knoll MP

Member for Stuart - Mr Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP

Member for Taylor - Ms Leesa Vlahos MP

Member for Torrens - Ms Dana Wortley MP

Member for Unley - Mr David Pisoni MP

Member for Waite - Hon Martin Hamilton-Smith MP

Member for West Torrens - Hon Tom Koutsantonis MP

Member for Wright - Hon Jennifer Rankine MP

Federal Local Members of Parliament - by Surname

Federal Local Members of Parliament - by Electorate

Treasurer - Hon Joe Hockey MP

Member for Adelaide - Hon Kate Ellis MP

Member for Barker - Mr Tony Pasin MP

Member for Boothby - Dr Andrew Southcott MP

Member for Grey - Mr Rowan Ramsey MP

Member for Hindmarsh - Mr Matt Williams MP

Member for Kingston - The Hon Amanda Rishworth MP

Member for Makin - Mr Tony Zappia MP

Member for Mayo - Hon Jamie Briggs MP

Member for Port Adelaide - Hon Mark Butler MP

Member for Sturt - The Hon Christopher Pyne MP

Member for Wakefield - Mr Nick Champion MP



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