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National Heavy Vehicle Regulation - Access to Council Roads - Circular 44.9

To Chief Executive Officer
Elected Members
Information - Engineering Staff
Policy and Strategic Planning Staff
Date 3 November 2011
Contact Neville Hyatt
Response Required Yes Respond By 18 November 2011
Summary National Heavy Vehicle Regulation is progressing towards its 2012 start date including access arrangements to local roads. An information session for Local Government will be held on Wednesday 23 November 2011.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Project Office (NHVRPO), in collaboration with jurisdictions and industry, will develop and implement an integrated approach to heavy vehicle access management across the national road network. It will provide platforms that will enable industry and jurisdictions to interact in a seamless, consistent and timely manner and provide consistent decision making through the provision of agreed national guidelines and tools.

Through a NHVR one-stop-shop approach, all road network stakeholders will be able to enact their access transactional arrangements using national online and system platforms that will provide information, encourage increased levels of customer service and foster innovation. It will deliver real benefits across the national road network by:

  • reducing administrative and regulatory burden;
  • increasing certainty in road access;
  • improving application and permit turnaround time;
  • enhancing safety and productivity outcomes; and
  • improving equity and transparency of decision making.

The NHVR would like to engage South Australian Councils in the development of processes for granting access to heavy vehicles to local roads and would like to invite Councils to an information and consultation session on Wednesday 23 November 2011.

The presentation will include discussion on the NHVR's vision for the future, the three interdependent projects of one stop shop, network mapping, and access decision making, and how the NHVR envisage working with councils to achieve the project outcomes. This will also include what tools and support the NHVR will be able to provide to Local Government.

A purpose of the session is to bring Councils up to date on the activities of the NHVR particularly as they relate to Access Management of roads. The NHVR is endeavouring to gain an understanding of how councils presently react with State Government transport jurisdictions and how decisions are communicated for the "last mile".

The NHVR has stated that it wants to understand the issues that Councils have with National regulation of heavy vehicles and engage with them to develop appropriate systems and processes for Local Government.

National Heavy Vehicle Regulation will also be discussed at the Nation Local Roads and Transport Congress (LGA Circular 34.6) in Mount Gambier on Friday 18 November 2011.

The information session will be held on Wednesday 23 November 2011 at the City of Prospect, 128 Prospect Road, Prospect and will commence at 3:00pm.

For a copy of the Road Regulator Newsletter click here.

Further information about road access arrangements is available here.

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