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Information on the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme from the Commonwealth Government - Circular 19.16

To Chief Executive Officer
Environment Staff
Recycling - Waste Management
Date 10 May 2012
Contact Simon Thompson
Response Required No
Summary The Commonwealth Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population, and Communities have provided some information regarding the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme to be distributed amongst Councils.

The National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (the Scheme) will provide Australian householders and small business with access to free collection and recycling services for televisions and computers. 

As this is a 'co-regulatory' Scheme, the Commonwealth Government will regulate the outcomes to be achieved while television and computer manufacturers and importers will fund arrangements that will determine the best method for implementing services to meet those outcomes (known as co-regulatory arrangements).

Local Government participation in the Scheme is voluntary and the Scheme may provide opportunities for Councils to work with an industry co-regulatory arrangement or multiple co-regulatory arrangements to provide recycling or collection services. Councils who wish to participate in the Scheme should undertake discussions and negotiations directly with the co-regulatory arrangements.

There are currently three approved co-regulatory arrangements and one organisation that is currently seeking approval to become a co-regulatory arrangement. The contact details for these organisations are:

Approved Co-regulatory arrangements

DHL Supply Chain
Mark Phillips
Account Manager - Special Projects
Phone: 02 8759 7148
Mobile: 0419 474 348

Australian & New Zealand
Recycling Platform Limited

Carmel Dollisson - General Manager
Phone: 03 9412 5115
Mobile: 0418 360 057

E-cycle Solutions Pty Ltd
Sandy McGregor
Phone: (03) 9706 5966
Fax: (03) 9706 4138

For televisions only

Proposed Co-regulatory arrangement

Sims Recycling Solutions
Zoltan Sekula
Manager, Product Stewardship
Phone: 02 8708 2015
Mobile: 0434 608 314

You may be interested in contacting these organisations for more information. Details of approved co-regulatory arrangements, as well as of any organisations that have expressed an interest in seeking approval for a co-regulatory arrangement and have consented to their details being published, will be published on the Department's website as soon as they are available.

It is also recommended that Councils visit LGA Circular 18.9, which provides further details information regarding Local Government involvement in the scheme.

The LGA has also been developing contract specifications for Councils to consider if they are looking to engage with industry under the Scheme , which compliments the information in this Circular and LGA Circular 18.9. These pieces of work will be made available via LGA Circulars as they are completed.

Please note that there is currently a lot of activity occurring in the area of e-waste, including influences from both State and Commonwealth legislation (i.e. landfill bans, national scheme, resource recovery requirements). The LGA is now drafting an e-waste issues paper to provide focus on the collective issues and to identify matters of interest for Councils. It is anticipated that this paper will be made available shortly via an LGA Circular.  For further information regarding this or other LGA work relating to waste, please contact Simon Thompson - Policy Officer, Waste and Water on 8224 2049 or

For more information from the Commonwealth Government regarding Local Government's role in relation to the Scheme click here.

For updates on the progress of the Scheme, please subscribe to the Television and Computer Recycling Scheme e-bulletin here.

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