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State Government's New Road Safety Initiatives - Circular 40.5

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Date 1 October 2003
Contact Brian Clancey
Ph: 8224 2033
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Summary The State Government has released The South Australian Road Safety Strategy 2003-2010 and Action Plan 2003-04. In addition the Road Safety Advisory Council (RSAC) has released a discussion paper Reducing Road Trauma in SA-Possible Initiatives 2004-2010. Councils are invited to submit comments on the RSAC discussion paper and initiatives by 14 November 2003.

The RSAC's discussion paper "Reducing Road Trauma in South Australia - Possible Initiatives 2004-2010" 203 kb is now available for community and stakeholder feedback.

In April this year the Government released South Australia's first published draft Transport Plan since 1968. This plan outlined a series of directions to address transport challenges over the next 15 years.

Road Safety is a key challenge highlighted within the Plan, and during the extensive consultation process undertaken since the release of the draft Transport Plan key stakeholders and the public alike agreed with the priority that the State Government is placing on road safety.

In line with that challenge, the Minister for Transport, Hon Michael Wright MP has released The South Australian Road Safety Strategy 2003-2010. 614 kb

This strategy is the first to be released under the overarching framework of South Australia's Draft Transport Plan, and focuses on reducing the impacts of road crashes in South Australia, and meeting the national target of reducing fatalities to 5.6 per 100,000 population by 2010.

Other key road safety documents released by the Minister on 23 September 2003 include: -

The South Australian Road Safety Action Plan 2003-04

This links with the Strategy and illustrates what will be done during the financial year 2003/04, including outlining expenditure on road safety capital projects and specific initiatives. Action Plan 332 kb

Road Trauma - Facts and Figures

Road Trauma - Facts and Figures provides a range of data about road crashes including fatality and serious injury trends during the past 50 years and how South Australia's road safety performance compares to other states. It also details who is involved in crashes, when and where they occur and what some of the causes and factors involved in crashes actually are. Facts & Figures 750 kb

Road Safety Advisory Council - Reducing Road Trauma in South Australia - Possible Initiatives 2004-2010

On 14 October 2002, Cabinet approved the establishment of a Road Safety Advisory Council (RSAC). The RSAC is chaired by Sir Eric Neal AC CVO, and includes representatives of the RAA, the Centre for Automotive Safety Research, the Transport Workers Union, Local Government, together with representatives from the South Australian Police, the Motor Accident Commission, and the portfolios of Transport, Education and Human Services.

The RSAC recommends road safety initiatives to the Road Safety Ministerial Council, which is chaired by The Minister for Transport, and includes the Ministers for Health and Education, along with the Treasurer (and Minister for Police) and the Attorney General.

Reducing Road Trauma in South Australia - Possible Initiatives 2004-2010 is a discussion paper that has been released by the RSAC to seek community and stakeholder feedback to help prepare a Phase 2 road safety package. It contains 160 suggested initiatives for comment as well as providing an opportunity for other ideas to be suggested.

This is not a policy document, and possible initiatives should be considered as the starting point for community feedback. Some have been introduced in other States, some are extensions of existing initiatives and some are novel and thought provoking. Areas likely to be of particular interest to councils include:-

  • Speeding
  • Engineering Solutions
  • Fatigue
  • Cycling
  • Pedestrian
  • Road Standards
  • Community Attitudes and Behaviour

The RSAC will take feedback into account before preparing a package for the consideration of the Road Safety Ministerial Council.

The feedback received by the Ministerial Council will then be considered for inclusion into future years planning, and new initiatives may be incorporated into the overall strategy and/or future Action Plans.

Councils are invited to provide comments/feedback to the RSAC on the possible initiatives contained within the discussion paper Reducing Road Trauma in South Australia - Possible Initiatives 2004-2010.

Feedback is sought before Friday 14 November 2003 and can be provided in the following ways:

1. By completing and emailing an on-line feedback form which can be found at

2. By providing a response to:
Mr David Forster
Project Manager
Transport Planning Agency
PO Box 1
Walkerville SA 5081
Fax: (08) 8343 2880
Or by email to

It would be appreciated if any council forwarding feedback provided a copy of the advice to the LGA. This will assist the LGA in compiling a submission that will be prepared with input from the LGA Roads & Transport Reference Group.

Click here for the Minister for Transport's Media Release. 93 kb

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