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General Phone: 8676 0400
General Fax: 8676 2375
General Email:
Street Address: Railway Terrace, CUMMINS SA, SA, Australia, 5631
Postal Address: PO Box 41, CUMMINS SA, SA, Australia, 5631
CEO: Pearson, Rodney
Members of Council: Quigley, Jo-Anne
Mitchell, Peter
Holman, Wendy
Howell, Brett
Woolley, Steve
Barrowcliff, Dave
Tingay, Alan
Suburbs Localities: Big Swamp, Boston, Brimpton Lake, Charlton Gully, Coffin Bay, Coomunga, Coulta, Cummins, Edillilie, Flinders, Green Patch, Kapinnie, Karkoo, Kiana, Lake Wangary, Lincoln, Little Swamp, Louth, Louth Bay, Mitchell, Mortlock, Mount Drummond, Mount Dutton Bay, Mount Hope, North Shields, Poonindie, Proper Bay, Shannon, Sleaford, Sleaford Bay, Stamford, Tod River (Reservoir), Tulka, Uley, Ulipa, Wangary, Wanilla, Warrow, White Flat, Yeelanna
State Electorate: Flinders
Federal Electorate: Grey

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