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LGA Procurement has implemented VendorPanel software which is free for use by Councils and Suppliers and enables both to undertake the procurement process on-line.

VendorPanel is a probity based toolkit that allows Councils to prepare, issue, receive and evaluate RFQs from LGA Procurement's suite of preferred provider panels.

Councils and Suppliers simply need to receive an invitation from LGA Procurement to obtain access to VendorPanel. 

VendorPanel enables Councils to download a zip file at the end of the RFQ process that will include all email contact between the Council and the suppliers, RFQs, RFQ responses, RFQ evaluations and any other documentation associated with the procurement process.  VendorPanel also has a secure, locked box system that meets Local Government probity needs.

Vendor Panel is also used by our sister LGA Owned procurement organisations across Australia, via the National Procurement Network.

Some key features for Council Users are:

  • You can create your own secure account (it's free)
  • Get smart online tools that help you to quickly create well structured RFQ requests
  • High level of automation means Preferred Suppliers are notified of new projects, invited to review your requirements, and able to submit tailored proposals all via their secure supplier gateway. That means less time and administration for you. Any Q&A and proposals are managed and stored in the system, offering simple central access for users via their personal account dashboard.
  • Comparing proposals is easy using consistent 'apples to apples' format that aligns Council User requirements with Supplier's relevant experience, ideas, capability and availability. Private rating and notes ensures your evaluation is maintained in the same secure location.
  • It's easy to shortlist the best proposals, helping you to identify the best match suppliers for your specific project.
  • A quick pdf summary file extracts all details of your requests and associated proposals and evaluation, making it easy to demonstrate a sound and responsible competitive sourcing process.

The system is secure with no other Council or supplier being able to view your details.

This professionally managed, probity-based procurement solution is yet another way LGA Procurement is achieving better outcomes for Local Government in South Australia.

The other advantage of VendorPanel is that suppliers have been categorised so that at a click of a button, Councils are able to see which products the supplier is able to provide.

For example, if you are after a Light Truck, you select this category and only those suppliers who have been contracted to supply Light Trucks will be listed for you to choose from. You still get to choose your preferred supplier(s) and your preferred number of invitations to submit quotes - i.e. dependent upon your individual requirement you can choose to obtain a quote from 1, 3 or all suitable suppliers.

To find out more download the simple user Guide to VendorPanel: Vendor Panel User Guide - July 2013(600 kb)

Recent Enhancements
Click on the link to find out more - New Feature to Capture Price Data(873 kb)

Vendor Panel includes a comprehensive FAQ section for all general queries and has video tutorials that will walk you through the entire process for both Councils and Suppliers. Please contact if you require further information.

Scroll down to view the Video guide.

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