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Fuel Tax Credits – Is your Council or Entity claiming its due? - Circular 36.14

To Chief Executive Officer
Corporate Services Staff
Finance and Accounting Staff
Procurement Staff
Date 7 September 2017
Contact Vicky Newton
Response Required Yes
Summary Since 2015, reviews of 34 Councils (31 Regional & 3 Metro) and 3 Local Government Subsidiaries/Entities have identified more than $1,250,000 of Rebate credits! Is your Council or Entity claiming its due?

LGA Procurement is pleased to offer a service to all SA Council’s & Entities for the review and collection of any outstanding Diesel Fuel Rebates and Fuel Subsidies that may be available.  NO SAVINGS  achieved =  NO FEE  payable!

LGA Procurement engages the services of AIT Specialists Pty Ltd to provide the following services to all SA Council’s & Entities:

Diesel Fuel - Pic

  • Review Fuel Tax Credit claims and prepare retrospective claims for any missed credits;
  • Provide advice on appropriate systems to use in the preparation of claims;
  • Act as a point of contact for all matters regarding Fuel Tax Credits; and
  • Prepare ongoing claims for Councils.

AIT Specialists have conducted successful reviews for Councils Australia-wide to identify entitlement to Federal fuel rebates. They are the current preferred provider for the Local Government Associations of SA, WA, TAS and NT.

Since 2015, reviews of 34 Councils (31 Regional & 3 Metro) and 3 Local Government Entities have identified more than $1,250,000 of Rebate credits! 

Federal rebates for fuel are available in a large number of cases ranging from small to very large returns, however the legislative and statutory requirements can make the process of recovering rebates a complex and daunting process.

AIT Specialists has significant experience in this area and make the process simple and cost efficient. We have achieved positive results for councils in the past as illustrated in the case studies below.

Diesel Fuel Rebates

Key Benefits of LGA Procurement Savings Efficiency Review Program for Fuel Tax Credits

 - No savings—no fee unless retrospective rebate is identified and collected from the ATO.
 - Opportunity for claiming rebates across a 4 year retrospective period.
 - Analysis undertaken by expert in the field of review and collection of outstanding Fuel Tax Credits,  LGA Procurement Preferred Supplier—AIT Specialists Pty Ltd.
 - Potential identification of fuel not covered under the ATO writings—to be presented seeking a Private Ruling.
 - All retrospective claims and negotiations with the Australian Taxation Office through the BAS, undertaken by AIT Specialists Pty Ltd experts on Council’s behalf.
 - Voluntary disclosure of overpayments has to date resulted in negotiations with ATO waiving all penalties.
 - Advice on ongoing reporting to meet administrative and legislative regulations.
 - LGA Procurement manage the Head Contract with AIT Specialists for your immediate access.

Case Studies

A Metropolitan Council was preparing Fuel Tax Credit claims utilising their own staff. As this job was not part of their core business the preparing of the claim was the responsibility of the junior finance officer. The Council requested AIT Specialists to conduct a review of their claims.

RESULT: the Council benefitted with an additional cash rebate of $167,354.

A council was preparing their own claim and receiving a return of $3,600 per month in fuel tax credits. AIT Specialists were asked to review the current practice and to prepare the claim on an on-going basis. As a result of the review and the systems put in place by AITS the Council now receives $8,000 per month in fuel tax credits.

RESULT: An additional cash injection for the Council of over $50,000 p.a.

Don’t delay with this opportunity to identify and achieve savings! 

Who Can Request a Review? 

Any South Australian Council or subsidiary constituted within the meaning of the Local Government Act 1999 (SA) as amended and any other organisation as approved by the LGA Procurement Board, including but not limited to:

Adelaide Hills Region Waste Management Authority
Adelaide Parklands Authority
Centennial Park Cemetery Authority
East Waste Management Authority
Eastern Health Authority Inc.
Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority
Flinders Mobile Library
Gawler Flood Plains Management Authority
Highbury Landfill Authority
Legatus Group (Formally Central Local Government Region)
LG Professionals SA (Formally LGMA SA)
Limestone Coast LGA (Formally South East LGA)
Local Government Risk Services
Local Government Systems Inc.
Murray Mallee Community Transport Scheme
Murraylands and Riverland LGA (Formally Murray & Mallee LGA)
North Adelaide Waste Management Authority
Nuriootpa Centennial Park Authority / Barossa Tourist Park
Outback Areas Community Development Trust
Queen Elizabeth Park Trust
Rundle Mall Authority
Southern & Hills LGA
Southern Eyre Peninsula Subsidiary
Southern Region Waste Resource Authority
Statewide Supler (Formally Local Super Pty Ltd)
West Beach Trust / Adelaide Shores

Dont Forget! No savings = no fee! This is a performance based service with no charge for any incidental costs!

If you would like to go ahead with a review, simply complete the Authorisation Letter below and return via email to LGA Procurement.  

Authorisation Letter Template Authority_on_Council_Letterhead (31 kb)  

To find out more, please see the links below or contact LGA Procurement on 8224 2000 or email

Efficiency Savings Programs(586 kb)
AIT Specialists Presentation AIT%20Specialists%20Presentation (2009 kb)

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