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SA NRM Investment Strategy and the new National Landcare Program - Circular 36.12

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Date 7 September 2017
Contact Stephen Smith
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Summary The Council of NRM Presiding Members invites interested organisations to work together on opportunities to fund and deliver great results for South Australia in the field of managing natural resources. This communique provides details about how interested organisations can get involved.

The Council of NRM Presiding Members invites interested organisations to work together on opportunities to fund and deliver great results for South Australia in the field of managing natural resources. This communique provides details about how interested organisations can get involved.

Recent developments

Leading statewide partners across our sector came together a year ago to develop the South Australian Natural Resources Management Investment Strategy 2016, to achieve excellence in collaborative management of natural resources that supports prosperous businesses, community well-being and protects valuable natural assets.

There will be a range of opportunities to work together to achieve these goals, such as the Australian Government’s new National Landcare Program (NLP2), initially focusing on the regional funding stream currently scheduled to open in Oct-Dec 2017. There may also be other NLP2 funding streams in future, and we aim to collectively pursue other opportunities to fund and deliver great results over time.

On 15 August 2017 the Council of NRM Presiding Members convened a workshop with the Investment Strategy Partners and a range of other organisations to:

  • Get participants’ views on how we can work together across the State on joint funding proposals
  • Identify the sorts of proposals we might work on that align with both the SA NRM Investment Strategy and Australian Government priorities
  • Agree on how we can best progress the design and delivery of those outcomes now and in the future
  • Explore how to involve a broader range of interested parties in SA

Attendees included representatives from the NRM Boards, Primary Producers SA, Conservation Council of SA, Landcare Association of SA, Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR), Primary Industries and Regions SA, Local Government Association, local councils, Regional Development Authorities, Greening Australia, Legatus Group, Ag Bureau of SA, Ag Excellence Alliance, Trees for Life, Nature Foundation of SA, Nature Conservation Society of SA, and CSIRO.


The SA NRM Investment Strategy emphasises the importance of partnerships to achieve great results, and NLP funding streams are expected to have a strong focus on partnering for all project proposals. The group identified some situations where it would be advantageous to develop and deliver projects in the form of a broader partnership. For instance:


Partnerships will be needed for NLP projects at all scales, from local to regional and statewide, but especially:

  • Where there are consistent issues across the state or broad regions – eg soil erosion, pollination services
    • Where delivery of the project needs to consider multiple scales


  • Multiple ways of delivering project are required to deliver best outcomes


  • Adds a new element to an existing, successful project


  • The project requires bringing in diverse expertise
  • The project requires agreement from multiple, diverse stakeholders
  • There is an existing plan that demonstrates the benefits to multiple stakeholders
  • Where it requires financial investment from multiple partners to proceed
  • Where we can show benefits to metropolitan Adelaide by supporting regional South Australia
  • Needs to have cross benefits for the whole community
  • Builds on existing partnerships
    • The project makes use of this existing, collaborative process


  • There are clear, measurable benefits that will be delivered, accessible to the community
  • The project design is consistent with our priorities and principles
  • The project is shovel ready
    • The project is of tactical benefit

Participants explored a range of potential project concepts that may benefit from partnership approaches under the NRM Investment Strategy and funding opportunities under NLP2 or other programs. The following project concepts were briefly outlined as a starting point for further conversations – they are not final and other ideas may emerge.


Initial Project Concept

Concept Scoping Leader

Reefs for coastal protection, fishing, conservation

Limestone Coast (  / PIRSA ( / Legatus Group (Simon Millcock

Water/Energy security/price

Landcare (Gerry Butler)  / EP NRM Board (Diana Laube)

Adaptation to desertification and drying – resilience from climate change

Ag Ex Alliance (Mark Stanley)

Native plants and associated activities that deliver benefits for agriculture: IPM, pollination, habitat on farms -> values from natural capital

Trees for Life (Natasha Davis)

Addressing soil health and storing carbon

PIRSA ( ) – connected to Ag Ex Alliance (Mark Stanley)  / NRM Boards (Sharon Starick)  / DEWNR (Damian Miley)

Pilot project: where should we invest/not invest? Eg Nature of SA

CCSA (Craig Wilkins) / DEWNR (Damian Miley)

Environmental connection with human health

DEWNR (Damian Miley)

Something around people and resilience

PPSA (Fiona Rasheed)  / SAMDB (Sharon Starick)

Threatened ecological communities across state

Nature Foundation  SA (Hugo Hopton)

Overabundant & pest species -> state program

PIRSA (John Virtue)

Statewide populations of migratory birds of international importance

Legatus Group (Simon Millcock)

Link to Flinders World Heritage

DEWNR (Damian Miley)

Large landscape scale restoration (e.g. Wild Eyre-type projects)

NCSSA (Jeff Foulkes)  / GA (Stuart Collard)

Indigenous Rangers / people in landscape -> jobs for Aboriginal people -> Enterprises for Aboriginal people

DEWNR (Damian Miley)

 Next steps

This workshop was just one step of a conversation about partnering on investment in South Australian. Other organisations with an interest in managing natural resources are invited to join the conversation. You can:

-          Contact a project concept leader directly if you want to help scope a project

-          Contact the coordinators to propose new ideas or find out more about the process (contact details below)

At present, very little is known about the design of National Landcare Program funding opportunities, so discussions around concept design and delivery need to remain at a high level initially. During September and October, concept leaders will work with other interested organisations to scope and refine these project concepts at a high level. When funding opportunities are announced, some concepts may be further developed into detailed funding proposals where relevant. Other concepts may be useful for future funding opportunities.

Workshop participants will provide information about the workshop to their networks, and seek further interest. DEWNR coordinators will help to engage others in the process, including Aboriginal leaders.

Further information

This is a short summary of the workshop. For further information about the workshop, please contact Joyce Osborne, Executive Officer for the Council of NRM Presiding Members ( or 08 8463 6074), or Saravan Peacock, Manager of NRM Strategy and Support (DEWNR) ( or 08 8124 4814).

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