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Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) - Preferred Supplier Arrangements - Circular 38.11

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Date 21 September 2017
Contact Vicky Newton
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Summary In June 2017, LGA Procurement, with support from LGITSA, undertook a refresh of the Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) Panel and is excited to announce 35 additional suppliers have been added to the existing panel. Now with 61 endorsed Local, National & International Suppliers currently on contract, Councils and their Subsidiaries can be assured they are purchasing from some of Australia’s & New Zealand's lead distributors!


LGA Procurement established the Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) Panel in partnership with the Local Government Information Technology Group of SA (LGITSA).

This is an SA-specific arrangement tailored to suit the needs of councils across the State.

With the contractual agreements already in place and suppliers committed to delivering products at their best price, Councils and their Subsidiaries can readily approach a panel for quotations, by releasing a RFQ for your specific requirements.

Now with 61 endorsed Local, National and International Suppliers on contract, Councils can be assured they are purchasing from some of Australia & New Zealand's lead ICT Companies!

ICT - Projector

The Panel provides for the supply of a range of goods and services:


  • Taditional ICT, Hardware support operations, Networking, Devices Connect to ICT Network, Mobile Devices (incl tablets & smartphones), Audio/ Visual (AV inc Interactive White Boards & Information Display Panels), Emerging Hardware, Library & Community, Print/ Scanning (incl 3D) and CCTV Equipment &/or Network  Communications.

ICT - Laptop Tablet Phone


Associated Services including Disposal of Hardware

  • Disposal of Hardware, inc Disposal of Uninterruptable power supplies and Disposal of Batteries.
  • ICT - CCTVOther Associated Services, inc Custom & 3rd Party Hardware as required, Integration Services, Business Process Improvements - RevuMap, Kodak Capture Pro Software Licensing, installation, configuration and training, IAAS, BAAS, DRAAS, High speed Fibre & SHDSL Services, Tagging, Wiping, Leasing, AMS Services, GIS Services, MSM/SCV Services, Implementaion services for Specialised Network security Solutions Software and Media Destruction.

Specialist ICT Consultancy

  • ICT - Network Server Strategy, Project & Program, Solution Provision, Service Management, Information Management & Records Management Service and Procurement & Quality.

Client Relations

Managed Services

  • ICT Infrastructure Service, Network Management Services, Middleware Services, Collaboration Services and ICT Management Capability

ICT - BackUpInnovative Products

  • To see a wide range of innovative products available through this panel, please see the following matrix - ICT - Innovative Products (Sept 17)(89 kb)
  • Smart City and other related emerging technologies such as: a) micro-grids; b) smart grids; and c) Internet of Things initiatives.  
  • New technologies such as: a)  Blockchain; b) augmented Reality; c) Virtual Reality; d) Drone Technologies; e) LIDAR; and f) Computer Aided Design.

ICT - Programs v2

For a quick video tour of the LGAP Contracts process including a simple "How to obtain your Quote", see video below, which has been generously provided by our Partner in this Contract, LGITSA.  LGAP wishes the acknowledge and thank them for their valuable input.

Note: If you are unable to view the below, please CLICK HERE to view the video through YouTube. 

Who is a Preferred Supplier?

Now with 61 endorsed Local, National and International Suppliers on contract, Councils can be assured they are purchasing from some of Australia & New Zealand's lead ICT Companies!

Acer Computer Australia Pty Ltd 

Adexis Pty Ltd
Adroit Creations Ltd
Anittel Logo Anittel Pty LTd (Inabox)**
APC Integration
ASI Logo  ASI Solutions
BDO Logo  BDO Advisory (SA) Pty Ltd
Canon Australia Pty Ltd
Chamonix IT Management Consulting
CommsTech Australia Pty Ltd
Computer Site Solutions Pty Ltd
Computers Now Pty Ltd
Comwire IT
CQR Consulting Australia Pty Ltd
Data #3
Datacom Systems SA PTY LTD
Dialog Information Technology
Dimension Data Australia Pty Ltd
Escient Pty Ltd
Expose Data Pty Ltd
Fourier Technologies
FYB Logo FYB Pty Ltd
Gyre Digital Pty Ltd
Harvey Norman Business & Education
iCognition Pty Ltd
Industry Trading
Information Proficiency
InterIntra Pty Ltd
Iocane Pty Ltd
IronMountain Logo  Iron Mountain Australia
Kaon SecurITy (a division of MPA NZ Ltd)
Konica Minolta Business Solutions
Lettscomm  Lettscom Pty Ltd
Loftus Computing Services Pty Ltd
Logic Plus
MBP Consulting Pty Ltd T/AS Horizon2Technologies
NEC Australia
Net Communications Pty Ltd
NetCraft Australia Pty Ltd
New Era
Nuago Pty Ltd
Objective Corporaton
Optus Logo Optus** 
Pacesetter Services
Pitney Bowes
SecureWare Pty Ltd
Sharp Corporation of Australia Pty Limited
Spatial Vision
The Strategic Directions Group
t!img-logo  TIMG
Vectra Corporation
VInet Solutions
Vintek Pty Ltd
Wave1 Pty Ltd
ZircoDATA Pty Ltd
  **Not on VendorPanel as yet, please contact LGA Procurement with any queries

Supply Categories 

Before proceeding to VendorPanel, to seek a Request for Quote, you will need to establish the sub-category, particularly relating to Software. 

To determine the right sub-category to use once you enter VendorPanel, click on the following links:
ICT - Full List of Suppliers and Categories Aug17.v1(206 kb)

OR select the Goods or Services you are seeking by clicking on any of the following sub-categories:

ICT - Software by Product (Sept 17)(87 kb)
ICT - Hardware Products (Sept 17)(82 kb)
ICT - Hardware Disposal & Other Associated Services (Sept 17)(86 kb)
ICT - Consultancy Services Matrix (Sept 17)(84 kb) 
ICT - Managed Services (Sept 17)(78 kb)
ICT - Innovative Products (Sept 17)(89 kb)

How do I obtain a quote?

Before undertaking your VendorPanel Request for Quote, you are able to either prepare your own Specification or you can download the RFQ TEMPLATE as below:

Contract 16-001 - RFQ Template(1150 kb)
Contract 16-001 - RFQ Template Attachment A(21 kb) 

Simply download and complete the Template, deleting those categories not required and complete the Exel Spreadsheet to suit your requirement as Attachment A.  You then go to VendorPanel (as below) and add the two completed documents to your RFQ.

Please contact LGA Procurement via email to obtain a login for VendorPanel, a free probity based system used across Australia by Local Government and other organisations to seek quotations.

To seek a competitive quote, just click on “Create a new RFx” – this will take you through a step-by-step request wizard, allow you to outline your requirement, attach documents and post your request electronically to the relevant suppliers.  There are short videos and FAQs in VendorPanel that will assist you in this process.

Suppliers are notified by email and submit their quotes online via their own VendorPanel account.  You can monitor supplier engagement in real time – seeing when they have read your request and when they have submitted a response.  You are unable to access the response until the Close Time for the RFx. 

VendorPanel will manage the supplier Q&As, updated and addendums and provides tools to assist in evaluation of responses and notifying suppliers of the successful RFx.  You can then download all documentation, including a final report into your council ECM. 

NOTE: When purchasing through an LGA Procurement arrangement always include the Contract Number and Short Title in all correspondence, including your purchase order. This will ensure you are covered by the contract terms and conditions and pricing agreed with preferred providers. 

Cloud Services

A number of suppliers are able to offer Cloud Services or are able to access the Federal Government Cloud Contract which is available to all Federal, State and Local Government Agencies across Australia. 

You are able to use the Panel by accessing the following link to self-register -

For more information on the Federal Government Cloud Contract go to

Why should I purchase through this Panel?

LGA Procurement has a range of contract arrangements that ensure ready access in an accountable and transparent way – with the contractual agreements already in place and suppliers committed to delivering products at their best price. Councils can readily approach a panel for quotations, by releasing a RFQ for your specific requirements.LGAP - Value
To view the range of other contracts available to the sector, please click here.

Can I go direct to a preferred supplier?

Of course! Just include the Contract Number (LGAP 16-001) in all correspondence with your chosen supplier, particularly the Purchase Order, to ensure you are covered by the contract terms and conditions and agreed pricing.

If you have any queries, please contact Vicky Newton on 8224 2046 or email

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