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Data gathering phase for inclusive representation in local government elections 2018 - engaging women and underrepresented groups project - Circular 38.8

To Chief Executive Officer
Marketing and Public Relations Staff
Date 21 September 2017
Contact Sama Reid
Response Required Yes
Summary Women and under-represented groups in Local Government project. At the 2016 LGASA Annual General Meeting, a resolution was passed for the LGA to undertake a project to increase representation of women on councils, with the 2018 elections providing the next significant opportunity for change. In this Circular we are seeking your input to the project.

Women and under-represented groups in Local Government project.  

Women make up 51% of our population; however the percentage of representation in local government is 29%. As women make up half of Culturally And Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities and other under-represented groups including Aboriginal, youth and people with disabilities, the project also considers recommendations to increase their representation.

How might councils demonstrate their commitment to fostering elected membership that more closely reflects the demographic make-up of local communities?

Help us understand the level of commitment amongst South Australian councils to encouraging a greater diversity of representation, by responding to our short survey through either of the following links:



Discussion forums

We are organising discussion forums in five locations around our state of South Australia in October. We will publish the dates and locations in a Circular next week as well as a registration link.

If you would like to register your interest in attending a forum, please email


In the meantime, please contact the project consultant to share any information, ideas or insights you have to contribute to this project. Project Consultant: Barbara Chappell, 0429 155743 or email

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