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PDI Act Update - Template for the appointment of an Assessment Manager - Circular 39.2

To Chief Executive Officer
Governance Officers
Planning - Building Staff
Policy and Strategic Planning Staff
Date 27 September 2017
Contact Leif Burdon
Response Required No
Summary Each Assessment Panel is required to have an Assessment Manager appointed under the PDI Act. A template for the appointment of the Assessment Manager has been provided.

Council Assessment Panels are required to operate under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 (PDI Act) from 1 October 2017.

Each panel is also required to have an assessment manager appointed. In the case of a Council Assessment Panel, the assessment manager is to be appointed by the Chief Executive of the Council. In the case of a assessment panel constituted by the Minister (being a regional assessment panel), the Chief Executive of the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure is the appointee.

In Section 87(d)(ii) of the PDI Act, the power to appoint an assessment manager is conferred directly to the chief executive, an individual, and not to council. Delegation from council to exercise that power is therefore not required.  Each council is responsible for the costs and other liabilities associated with the activities of the assessment manager.


Further information and a template for the appointment of the Assessment Manager can be found here

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