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Postponed - Climate Risk Management Briefings and Training Sessions - Circular 39.10

To Chief Executive Officer
Economic Development and Tourism Staff
Elected Members
Environment Staff
Environmental Health Staff
Finance and Accounting Staff
Policy and Strategic Planning Staff
Sustainability Officers
Date 28 September 2017
Contact Emma Urvan
Response Required No
Summary The LGA is holding climate risk management briefings for Elected Members and training sessions for council staff on economic development and financial risk management.

These sessions will provide climate risk management training to ensure that Elected Members and council staff understand relevant risks, roles and responsibilities. Climate risk management briefings and training sessions will also be held on planning, asset management and public health between February and May 2018. 

The briefings and training sessions will be based on the LGA’s Climate Risk Management guidance notes, which will be provided prior to attendance.

A variety of presenters will deliver practical examples of their experiences with climate risk management in the context of economic development and financial risk management.  

The two briefings for Elected Members will focus on why it is important for council decision makers to consider climate risks when planning for economic development and when discharging their financial management obligations.

The two training sessions for council staff will focus on the practical benefits of considering climate risk implications, provide an overview of strategies that can be put in place to improve economic development outcomes, and contribute to council’s financial sustainability.

Please be advised that these training sessions and briefings have been postponed, and will be held between February and May 2018.

Please contact Emma Urvan on 8224 2035 if you have any queries.

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