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City of Salisbury Improving Access Turnaround Times

The City of Salisbury in South Australia is embracing changes to the way permits are processed, by proactively increasing heavy vehicle access to local roads to minimise impacts on Council resources and enhance benefits to the local economy.

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) Project Director Annette Finch said the City of Salisbury’s approach to permit / access pre-approvals, which increase specific network access to the major industrial and freight sites within its Council boundary, has benefits for both the Council and industry. “Pre-approvals reduce the burden on Council and freight business resources while allowing Council to maintain discretion over Council assets,” Mrs Finch said.

City of Salisbury Mayor Gillian Aldridge said pre-approved access can be effective for local government roads, which feature frequent or regular oversize, over-mass (Class 1) vehicles to well-established businesses. “This reduces the requirements and Council resources needed to assess and approve individual permits for a range of established businesses and any transport companies / contractors who may be seeking access to those businesses,” Mayor Aldridge said. “Such arrangements ease impacts on Council resourcing, but also streamlines and expedites the approval process for any new applicants seeking access.”

“As a starting point, councils could consider placing lower risk transport activities on a pre-approval arrangement,” Mayor Aldridge said.

Salisbury is a great example of how a local council in South Australia is making preparations to ensure the smooth transition of Class 1 permit applications from the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure to the NHVR on 4 December 2017.

For more information on changes to Class 1 applications, please visit

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