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Council Emergency Management Plan Template released - Circular 49.2

To Chief Executive Officer
Elected Members
Emergency and Risk Management Staff
Environmental Health Staff
Governance Officers
Information - Engineering Staff
Date 1 December 2017
Contact Neville Hyatt
Response Required No
Summary The LGA has released templates, that are now available for download, to assist councils produce emergency management plans. This circular has details.



The LGA in a partnered approach with the South Australia State Emergency Service and a reference group of councils has produced a council emergency management plan and council emergency centre operations manual template that are now available for download.

ECM_657498_v3_EM Plan Branded Nov 2017.docx(2193 kb)

ECM_657499_v3_CEOC Manual Branded Nov 2017.docx(2056 kb)

The templates are a best-practice guide for councils to use to develop their emergency management plans and can be tailored to suit individual council requirements.

The templates follow the principles of emergency management known as prevention, preparedness, response and recovery (PPRR) and are structured to align to the State Emergency Management Plan. 


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