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Commencement of the Environment Protection (Waste Reform) Amendment Act 2017 - Circular 48.6

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Date 28 November 2017
Contact Emily Heywood-Smith
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Summary The Environment Protection Authority has reached another milestone in delivering its waste reform agenda with the commencement of the Environment Protection (Waste Reform) Amendment Act 2017 (Waste Reform Act) on 28 November 2017. The Waste Reform Act will have implications for councils and the LGA is working through these with councils and the EPA.

The Waste Reform Act represents one part of a broader waste reform agenda.  While the Act includes amendments to many aspects of the regulatory framework for waste in South Australia, it also confers a number of new powers on the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and it is these new powers that will have direct implications for councils. 

In particular, the Waste Reform Act confers new powers on the EPA to:

  • Make regulations to implement mass balance reporting (the system requiring waste operators to report to the EPA on the mass of different waste streams received, processed and dispatched from the waste operation);
  • Impose new conditions on environmental authorisations relating to stockpiling (effectively introducing the concept of stockpiling limits); and
  • Impose conditions on environmental authorisations requiring financial assurances in expanded circumstances.

While the Waste Reform Act confers these new powers on the EPA, the Act itself does not contain the details around how these reforms will be implemented.  Therefore, it will not be possible to determine the implications for councils until the regulations/ principles/policies providing the details are developed.  The EPA is actively consulting the LGA and councils themselves on development of these reforms.   

More information is available on the EPA Reforming Waste Management page

If you have any queries on the Waste Reform Act or the EPA’s consultation process, please contact Ms Emily Heywood-Smith, Senior Policy Officer, Local Government Association on ph: 8224 2033 or email:  


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