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Preparing for extreme heat this summer - Circular 48.9

To Chief Executive Officer
Community Services Staff
Elected Members
Emergency and Risk Management Staff
Environmental Health Staff
Governance Officers
Information - Engineering Staff
Date 30 November 2017
Contact Neville Hyatt
Response Required No
Summary The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) is predicting a warmer summer for the eastern two thirds of Australia. Councils should prepare by reviewing their extreme heat arrangements. This circular has details.

BoM defines a heatwave as "three days or more of high maximum and minimum temperatures that are unusual for that location".

The Local Government Extreme Heat Guide was developed after the very severe heat event in February 2009. It was developed in consultation with a number of Councils, Government Agencies and the LGA Mutual Liability Scheme (LGA MLS).

The Local Government Extreme Heat Guide (1041 kb) was revised last year in a collaborative effort between the School of Public Health, University of Adelaide  and the LGA and now contains references to the latest research on heat related illness.

The Guide continues to recommend Councils work with Red Cross to support vulnerable residents through the Telecross REDi service. Telecross REDi is a response service that is activated when extreme heat triggers are reached for the metropolitan area.

During heatwaves Telecross REDi volunteers call pre-registered clients up to three times a day to ensure they are coping with the heat and to provide practical advice on keeping safe during hot weather. If the call goes unanswered an emergency procedure is activated to ensure the client is safe and well. Trained volunteers will make phone calls from both metropolitan and regional Red Cross call centres with a Team Leader to provide support. The Department for Communities and Social Inclusion is responsible for activating the Telecross REDi service when extreme heat is declared.

To download templates, logos and extreme heat elements to use please click the relevant link below:

The site has various links to useful information.

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