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2018 Council Elections - for council staff - Circular 51.12

To Chief Executive Officer
Governance Officers
Marketing and Public Relations Staff
Date 21 December 2017
Contact Rebecca Wake
Response Required No
Summary Council elections are conducted every four years, the next will occur in November 2018. Further information can be found in this Circular.

Council elections are conducted every four years, the next will occur in November 2018.

Councils, the Local Government Association and the Electoral Commission of SA (ECSA) work together to promote and conduct the elections.

Under the Local Government (Elections) Act 1999, Section 12, councils have the prime legal responsibility to promote the elections:

(b)        a council is responsible for the provision of information, education and publicity designed to promote public participation in the electoral processes for its area, to inform potential voters about the candidates who are standing for election in its area, and to advise its local community about the outcome of elections and polls conducted in its area.

Councils also have a specific responsibility under section 13A of the same Act, in relation to the voter's roll:

(2)        Each council—

(a)        must, in a year in which a periodic election is to be held, during the period commencing on 1 January of that year and ending on the day fixed by the returning officer for the close of the roll, inform potential electors in its area (other than those referred to in section 14(1)(a)) of the requirement to apply to be enrolled on the voters roll;

In addition to this the ECSA (as Returning Officer), has some specific formal information roles and a general power under which it may promote elections, and the LGA has a specific responsibility under Section 19A to ensure candidate profile information is published on the internet.

The LGA also undertakes work on behalf of the sector and provides a range of materials to support councils throughout the elections process, including:

  • model policies and guidelines
  • publications for candidates, voters and councils
  • promotional materials for councils, and advertising on behalf of the sector to encourage participation in the elections
  • training for council staff, candidates and newly elected members
  • a website containing information about candidates
  • engagement with under-represented groups (including a project in 2018 to increase the representation of women on councils in line with a resolution of the 2016 LGA AGM)
  • research and analysis of the election outcomes


Additionally, the LGA’s Education & Training service offer councils the opportunity to register for some ‘pre-election’ training.


The 2018 council elections learning and development program delivers the essential knowledge and skills to support councils throughout the elections process and assist in building long term leadership capability.

Based on an innovative culture change model, the LGA’s learning and development program is designed to assist staff and elected members through the different phases of the elections.

To register yourself for some of the training opportunities available please see below the options:

Early Induction Planning

Voters Role Compilation

Caretaker policy

So you want to be on council


For any queries please contact Liz O’Flynn at or on 8224 2044.


From Friday 22 December 2017, the 2018 council elections – for council staff landing page will be activated on our members only website. This includes the voters roll practice manual and the Council Voters Roll Form 1, 2 & 3 which are required by councils for the purging of the rolls process in early January. More resources will be loaded on an ongoing basis.

Please click here to review the information and resources available, and to order your supplies for the 2018 council elections 2018 Council Elections - for council staff






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