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Local Government Recreation and Sport Network: Opportunity to be involved - Circular 28.2

To Chief Executive Officer
Community Services Staff
Parks and Recreation Staff
Date 8 July 2019
Contact Katherine Russell
Response Required Yes Respond By 2 August 2019
Summary The Local Government Recreation and Sport Network is a way to connect staff in councils working in recreation and sport with one another. The Network seeks a point of contact from every council to facilitate sharing of information and ideas.

The Local Government Recreation and Sport Network, formerly the Local Government Recreation Forum, has recently undertaken a review and developed new Terms of Reference.

This Network is for anyone working in local government who is involved in the planning, programming or management of recreation and sport facilities, policies or activities.  The Office of Recreation, Sport and Racing (ORSR) and the LGA are also involved in the Network.

Network meetings will be held quarterly to discuss current recreation and sport issues and trends relevant to the local government sector and provide an opportunity for networking sharing of ideas between colleagues.

To improve the accessibility of the Network, meeting locations will rotate each quarter and technology will be utilised where available to enable non-metropolitan councils to join in remotely.

The Network is seeking a point of contact in each council in South Australia to strengthen the networking and information-sharing opportunities.  Even if you cannot attend every meeting, it will be useful for the Network, the ORSR and the LGA to have a point of contact in each council.  It will also benefit councils to have access to information and resources through this Network.   

If you are interested in being part of the Network, please contact the interim chairperson, Ray Scheuboeck, at the City of Adelaide, on 08 8203 7688 or

If you have questions about the LGA’s role in the Network or about this Circular, please contact Katherine Russell, Senior Policy Officer at the LGA, at

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