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Recycled materials in roads - Circular 35.5

To Chief Executive Officer
Environment Staff
Information - Engineering Staff
Procurement Staff
Recycling - Waste Management
Sustainability Officers
Date 29 August 2019
Contact Brianna McGee
Response Required Yes Respond By 13 September 2019
Summary With the recent announcement by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) to ban recyclable waste exports, recyclate in roads has been identified as an alternate end market opportunity. ALGA is seeking information Australia wide about local government’s use of recycled content in roads.

COAG recently announced a ban on recyclable waste exports. This ban will capture various recyclable products including plastic, paper, glass and tyres.   

This recent announcement has led to further discussions around the current market capabilities to absorb this additional recyclable waste. Roads have been highlighted as an end market opportunity for some recyclate. 

ALGA is compiling, nationally, information on the use of recyclable content in roads by local government.

We are aware of some South Australian councils undertaking innovative works involving, RAP, plastics, glass and tyres, however, we are seeking the following further information to inform ALGA;   

  1. Has your council utilised the use of recycled content in roads? And if so;
    1.1 what type/product of recyclate? (plastic, glass, RAP etc or Reconophalt, Plastiphalt etc)
    1.2 what was the durability of this product in comparison to others?  
    1.3 do you have any other information or feedback about this product gained from testing and use?

  2. What barriers has your council experienced in trying to use recycled content in roads? (eg. cost, regulatory barriers etc)

If you would like to contribute to ALGA’s national analysis of recycled content in roads, please provide your written comments to Brianna McGee by 13 September 2019.

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