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Public Library Services Standing Committee: Opportunity to be involved - Circular 37.4

To Chief Executive Officer
Community Services Staff
Corporate Services Staff
Elected Members
Librarian - Information Staff
Marketing and Public Relations Staff
Policy and Strategic Planning Staff
Date 11 September 2019
Contact Katherine Russell
Response Required Yes Respond By 8 November 2019
Summary Nominations are invited for a local government representative on the Public Library Services Standing Committee, a standing committee of the Libraries Board of South Australia. The appointment is unpaid and for a period of three years. Nominations must be forwarded to the LGA by Friday 8 November 2019.

Public Library Services Standing Committee: Opportunity to be involved

The Public Library Services Standing Committee is a standing committee of the Libraries Board of South Australia (the Board), which is a statutory body under the Libraries Act 1982providing public library services to South Australia.  The Standing Committee advises the Board on policy and planning matters.  There is a vacancy on the Standing Committee and nominations are invited from the local government sector.  The Standing Committee is governed by its Terms of Reference(577 kb) 

Standing Committee members

The Standing Committee comprises two representatives of the Libraries Board, Public Libraries South Australia (PLSA) (plus the PLSA President), and the LGA (currently includes LGA staff member Katherine Russell).  The Associate Director of Public Library Services is also a member and the meetings are attended by the Director of the State Library.

Standing Committee functions

The function of the PLS Standing Committee is to provide the Libraries Board of South Australia with expert advice on all matters relating to the strategic direction of public library services in South Australia. The Standing Committee is responsible for endorsing budgetary strategy, establishing and achieving business objectives for Public Library Services, monitoring performance outcomes and risks.

The Role of Individual Members

The role of individual members of the Standing Committee is detailed in the Terms of Reference above and includes:

Having an understanding of the business and strategic objectives of the Libraries Board;

  • Being actively involved in the delivery of public library services; and
  • Being an advocate and champion for public library services.

Skills and Experience required

Skills and experience required for consideration for membership of the Committee by the Libraries Board include (but nominees must not necessarily meet all criteria, and elected members may also be nominated):

Hold senior leadership position in a council

  • Proven experience in strategic thinking and delivery
  • Proven ability to provide ideas and advice on issues, services, strategies and priorities relating to library services
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • High level information technology skills
  • Knowledge of state and local governments.

Meeting arrangements

The Standing Committee generally meets monthly on the first Tuesday of the month at 3pm at the State Library of SA, with a total of ten meetings annually.  The role is unpaid.

According to the LGA Nominations to Outside Bodies Policy , LGA nominees to external bodies are required to provide a short general report annually to the LGA outlining the achievements of the committee.

Process of appointment

Nominations which meet the criteria in the LGA Policy and the Standing Committee Terms of Reference will be considered by the LGA Board at its meeting on Thursday 21 November 2019.  Appointments to the Standing Committee are made by the Libraries Board according to the Libraries Act.

According to the LGA Policy, LGA nominations to outside bodies will, unless determined otherwise by the LGA Board of Directors, be:

  •  currently serving council members or council staff
  • made on merit-based principles giving due weight to gender balance.

Councils may make nominations addressing the selection criteria provided in Part A:

Part A PLS Standing Committee(4329 kb)

based on Part B:

Part B PLS Standing Committee(4344 kb)

together with a current CV, by Friday 8 November 2019. 

Please provide nominations to and direct any queries to:

Katherine Russell, Senior Policy Officer

tel: 8224 2067

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