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UPDATE - Alcohol and Drug Foundation's Local Government Prevention Capacity and Infrastructure Survey - Circular 37.14

To Chief Executive Officer
Community Services Staff
Elected Members
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Environmental Health Staff
Governance Officers
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Date 12 September 2019
Contact Belinda Caruana
Response Required Yes Respond By 18 September 2019
Summary UPDATE: Free survey by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) now being offered to all councils to build alcohol and other drug prevention capacity and infrastructure.

An invitation was sent via LGA Circular 36.10 inviting councils with a Local Drug Action Team to participate in an exclusive community health research project - The Local Government Prevention Capacity and Infrastructure Survey. 

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) are now able to offer this survey opportunity to all South Australian councils, irresepective of Local Drug Action Team involvment!

Local Government Prevention Capacity and Infrastructure Survey

This project is being undertaken in September 2019 and no financial contribution from your organisation is required. 

The Local Government Prevention Capacity and Infrastructure Survey is being delivered as part of the Local Drug Action Team Program across Australia, thanks to the relationship that the ADF has forged with Planet Youth - Iceland’s highly successful alcohol and other drug prevention initiative.

Participation in the survey will give your council access to Planet Youth’s research experts who will use their proven methodology to analyse your council’s data and provide you with:

  • a confidential insights report;
  • an aggregated national insights report; and
  • an overall Prevention Index ranking.

The outcomes from the survey will provide information to help your council and the local community identify where efforts can be best directed to meet current priorities related to prevention work; as well as identify potential evidence-based solutions to build alcohol and other drug prevention capacity and infrastructure in the future. 

Furthermore, your participation includes a follow up survey and analysis in two years' time so you can track progress and identify emerging opportunities. 

 How to get started:

Identify a central survey coordinator within your organisation who the ADF can liaise with. Their role will be to complete general survey questions and recruit the appropriate people to answer questions in two specialist areas:

  • about demand reduction activities such as community-based prevention; and,
  • about supply, control and planning issues such as liquor licensing matters, for example.

Convey your endorsement (or management support) of this activity to those nominated to complete the survey.  In total all online modules should take no more than 60 minutes combined to complete. 

The survey can also be completed in multiple sittings to accommodate time availability. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to utilise the ADFs resources. Furthermore, this project can be considered as a key initiative of your Regional Public Health Plan.

Please contact Sally Underdown at or 0410 415 848 to confirm your participation and share your nominated coordinator’s contact details (name; role; email and phone) by 18 September 2019 to ensure we can include your Council in the September survey. 

If you want to learn more about the ADF, Planet Youth or other ADF initiatives and how they can work with your council, please contact Sally or visit

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