The Association has been formed as a subsidiary under the Local Government Act 1999 (Act) and as such, must comply with the provisions of the Act.

The Act specifies that the Association must operate under a Charter for a Regional Subsidiary which, in general addresses the Objects and Purposes, Powers and Functions, Membership, Meeting Procedures, Financial Management, Strategic and Annual Plans and Budgets of the Association.

Individual Member Councils must adopt the Charter following which the document is then adopted by the Association Delegates. The Minister for Local Government is then advised and a Notice of public availability is published in the Government Gazette.

The Murray and Mallee Local Government Association's Charter was reviewed in December, 2006 , August, 2009 and October, 2010 when only minor changes to the Charter were deemed necessary.

The Charter, as a minimum, must be reviewed every four years in accordance with the provisions of the Charter and the Local Government Act 1999.

The Association's Charter, gazetted on the 8th February, 2007 and the revised Charter 2014 are available by clicking on the links below.

Association Charter - Revised 2014(96 kb)