Careers in Councils
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Careers in Council

SA Councils are running a campaign to raise awareness about the wide range of things they do for communities and the jobs which support those roles.  On this website you can find:

You can even follow us on twitter @lgaofsa

Research tells us that a very high proportion of people (almost 80%) associate their council with the phrase "cares for my community."  People expect their council to deliver infrastructure and services but they don't know a lot about the extent of services councils provide. 

We want the public to know what councils do and the great career opportunities available.  Councils have an ageing workforce so over the next few years we need to attract new staff - some in highly competitive skilled areas such as accounting and environmental health.

Councils are a great place for passionate people because councils are passionate about their communities. councils offer great career options, job satisfaction, high regard for safety, flexible workplaces, job security, because they want their communities to have the best service possible. Best of all they are located where you are or where you want to work in SA's great regions or in metropolitan Adelaide.

Meeting growing community expectations is a big challenge particularly on financial resources but we know councils are committed to doing their best and we are committed to helping them.

Whether you are an interested member of the community, a job seeker, a student, local business or some other connection we are keen to help you get to know more about your council and local government in SA.