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Councils Launch Reviews of Planning

26 February 2004 (amended: 26 February 2004)

The Local Government Association and its 68 member councils have commissioned a series of reviews of development and planning systems in South Australia and around the nation.

At the same time, the LGA today launches A Better Direction 229 kb, a series of strategies and objectives for reform to produce a better planning system. The strategies seek to put community back into the heart of the planning system and to focus resources onto upgrading zoning rules.

Councils want South Australia to have the nation's most advanced and responsive planning system.

The LGA has allocated more than $100,000 to the reviews to ensure that all options and views are on the table for the State Government's imminent reforms to the State planning system.

The State Government is soon to unveil for public comment its Sustainable Development Amendment Bill to reform aspects of the planning system.

LGA Vice President Mayor Tony Zappia said Councils were committed to providing the best available advice to reform the planning system and "get the right legislation to do the job".

"To ensure these planning reforms succeed, the needs and aspirations of communities including business, must be reflected in the final legislation," said Mayor Zappia.

The LGA reviews will include:

  • Analysis of interstate planning systems and legislation
  • Analysis of problem or slower applications in the existing system
  • Identifying problems in the processing of Plan (zoning) Amendment Reports by State and Local government
  • Reviewing issues with regional development assessment (State proposals are expected to include a regional approach to some issues)
  • Surveys of community attitudes, concerns and needs in planning
  • Collation of statistical information on council and State Government performance in planning
  • Liaison with key stakeholder peak bodies representing developers, professionals and community
  • Analysis of complaints
  • Identifying costs of managing the system

Results of reviews will be released as they are completed during the consultation period. "A Better Direction" will be considered by Councils at the LGA General Meeting on 26 March, 2004.

Mayor Tony Zappia, Tel: 0401 984 808 OR Mr Chris Russell, Tel: 0417 830 105

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