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Heritage rail in SA ‘back on track’

1 August 2004

New insurance arrangements brokered by the Local Government Association's insurance brokers have 'taken the steam' out of liability concerns for six heritage rail operations in SA.

Local Government Association President, Councillor John Legoe and peak heritage rail spokesperson Bob Sampson said the deal had ensured the heritage rail operations would continue operating in SA for the foreseeable future.

Mr Sampson, spokesperson for the Council of Historic Railways and Tramways of SA (CHRTSA), thanked the LGA for its work and also acknowledged the support of the SA Tourism Commission.

"Without the new insurance arrangements and assistance from SATC, some of the six rail groups would have faced closure later this year."

"CHRTSA believes the new arrangement is a deserving outcome for all of the groups, their respective communities and all of the volunteers who put so much time and energy into their activities. "The real winner is the South Australian tourism industry," Mr Sampson said.

Councillor Legoe said that Local Government Risk Services had brokered a combined insurance arrangement for CHRTSA which from 1 July, 2004 was providing $20m cover for the each of the six groups - double the previous level - at a 40% saving in premium.

The groups are:

  • SteamRanger
  • Pichi Richi Railway
  • National Railway Museum
  • Limestone Coast Railway
  • Tramway Museum St Kilda
  • Australian Society of Section Car Operators

Cr Legoe said that while the operations were not owned by Councils, Local Government recognised that the railways provided invaluable tourism and economic development benefits for the Council areas and regions in which they operated.

"SA Councils have had their act together in relation to liability insurance and risk management for their own operations for many years - we are now able in this instance to use that expertise to help other organisations," he said.

Cr Legoe said that two key factors had been the willingness of the six organisations to work together through CHRTSA and to embrace sound risk management practices.

"State Government via SATC has also played a key role in bringing parties together and this demonstrates the value of mature State-Local Government relations in SA supported by Minister McEwen and underpinned by an agreement between the LGA and the Premier.

Cr Legoe said that Local Government Risk Services also brokered cover for more than 2000 community organisations which use Council facilities or support communities in other ways.

For further info contact :

  • LGA President, Cr John Legoe, mobile 0407 417 314
  • Mr Bob Sampson, CHRTSA, 8217 4219 or mobile 0417 800 224
  • Mr Chris Russell, LGA, 82973609 or mobile 0417 830 105
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