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State and Local Government Working together on Stormwater

21 September 2004
Joint Media Release issued by Hon John Hill, Minister for Environment and Conservation and Mayor John Rich, Vice-President of the Local Government Association

The State Government and Local Government Association are collaboratively developing a new catchment-based management approach to progress stormwater re-use and flood mitigation.

Minister for Environment and Conservation, John Hill and Vice-President of the Local Government Association John Rich today released the Metropolitan Adelaide Stormwater Management Study prepared by KBR.

"This new study was commissioned by the State Government and the Local Government Association to identify the extent of required work to address flood mitigation issues and how this should be progressed having regard to opportunities for stormwater re-use and the need for a catchment-wide approach," the Minister said.

"Under the current system of funding for stormwater management projects, agreed to by State and Local Government, individual councils apply for funding for specific projects in their area.

'Stormwater and flooding problems are often spread across several Councils and the release of this study is an appropriate opportunity to prioritise stormwater re-use and flood mitigation projects on a whole of catchment basis.

Vice-President of the Local Government Association, Mayor John Rich said State and Local Government have been working together to address the drainage and flooding problems in our metropolitan area. The joint commissioning of this major study reinforces the commitment of State and Local Government.

"The study has confirmed that there is major further work required to reduce the risk of significant flooding in portions of metropolitan Adelaide. Even without any land acquisition, the study suggests a cost of $100 million to undertake high priority works, $60 million for other priority works and proposes a 10 year target for this to occur," John Rich said. "This need excludes local level stormwater management works being undertaken on an ongoing basis by individual councils."

"We share the view that action must be taken to address the long term problem with drainage in our urban areas, particularly in areas such as Unley and near Adelaide airport, and this study will help us to identify the best way to do that," Mayor John Rich said.

"Detailed cost-benefit analysis should be undertaken and negotiations will have to take place on the required funding arrangements."

The Study also identifies that the capture and use of stormwater is more achievable in the outer parts of metropolitan Adelaide due to land being more readily available in these areas.

For further information contact Nick Talbot on 8463 3463or 0422 004 434.

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