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Help Find Unloved Election Signs a Home

20 October 2004

Adelaide residents are being encouraged to report 'unloved' election signs overlooked by candidates in the wake of the recent Federal election.

SA's Local Government Association believes while the majority of signs have been removed - as required by most Councils under the Local Government Act - that hundreds have been left behind - potentially to become litter or road safety hazards.

The LGA is urging people to report 'unloved' signs to the candidates/parties who own them.

LGA President, John Legoe, said that most of the signs were costly and so candidates were keen to recover them.

"Having Councils follow up 'unloved' signs costs public resources and so our preference is to alert candidates and encourage them to remove the signs," Cr Legoe said.

"However most signs left behind after a week will be illegal and where Councils have set conditions they have the power to remove them and recover costs from candidates.

"We recognise the logistics involved in removing the signs but it's not showing much concern for the environment if people wanting our votes don't pick up behind them.

In most cases Councils contact candidates asking them to remove the signs within 24 hours.

Cr Legoe said that while visual pollution was a problem, the greatest concern was when signs came loose and created litter and/or road safety hazards.

If it is not clear to whom a sign belongs, people can advise the Council concerned - or report it on the LGA website:

Cr Legoe said that media played a useful role by broadcasting or publishing information about 'unloved' signs encouraging candidates to remove them.

While some Councils (mostly country) did not regulate election signs, most metropolitan Councils require the signs to be removed within 48 hours (for others within 7 days) of the election.

For further information contact:
Cr John Legoe, President - Mobile 0407 417 314
Ms Wendy Campana, Executive Director - Mobile 0417 861 783

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