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Call to release rates 'report'

8 November 2004

LGA challenges the Advertiser to release its 'report' on metropolitan Council rates

SA's Local Government Association has called on the Advertiser to release a report on metropolitan Council rates.

LGA President, Cr John Legoe, said that the LGA had serious concerns about the report but the fact that the Advertiser had not released the report made it difficult to respond.

"We assume that if there is any evidence of 'rorts' that a copy of the report has been sent to the police," Cr Legoe said. "However I do not believe that is the case as we know what information was provided to the Advertiser.

"It would also appear that the Advertiser has not factored development growth into the figures and so the aggregate and individual Council growth figures are not even accurate reflections of average rates increases for existing ratepayers,"

"We know there are problems with rates," he said. "That is why we have developed a response package looking at the key issues."

"Our response will be based on facts and not on inappropriate headlines and misinterpreted information."

Cr Legoe said that if the Advertiser wanted the report treated seriously it must be prepared to release it so the newspaper's conclusions could be scrutinised.

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