Illegal Dumping Toolkit

Understanding Illegal Dumping

Understanding Illegal Dumping

What is illegal dumping?

Illegal dumping is the unlawful deposit onto land of waste larger than litter, or in other words, waste materials dumped, tipped or otherwise deposited onto private or public land where no license or approval exists to accept such waste. Illegal dumping varies from small bags of rubbish in an urban environment to larger scale dumping of materials in isolated areas, such as bushland.

Illegal dumping includes illegal land filling, which is waste used as fill material with the consent of the owner or occupier of the land, but without the necessary council or DEC approvals. Demolition and/or excavation waste is often used for site works such as reclamation work, roads, noise mounds and landscaping.

illegal dumpingIllegal dumping is a constant and highly visible problem in South Australia, particularly in local government areas with a high population density. Businesses and individuals illegally dump to avoid either disposal fees or the time and effort required for proper disposal.