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Template By-laws for Adaptation by Councils

In early 2009, the LGA commissioned Wallmans Lawyers to develop template or 'model' by-laws for Councils to adapt to their own circumstances. These template by-laws are now available on this website. The template by-laws are in 'Word' document form, for ease of adaptation. The six template by-laws represent those most commonly made by Councils: Permits and Penalties, Local Government Land, Roads, Moveable Signs, Dogs and Cats. There is also an Instruction Manual which explains how to use the template by-laws. To access the Instruction Manual or a template by-law, click on the attachments below.

LGA Template By-laws - Instruction Manual LGA%20Template%20By-laws%20-%20Instruction%20Manual (89 kb)
Permits and PenaltiesTemplate By-law-Revised March 2012 Permits%20and%20PenaltiesTemplate%20By-law-Revised%20March%202012 (56 kb)
Local Government Land By-Law Template No2 - March 2013 Local%20Government%20Land%20By-Law%20Template%20No2%20-%20March%202013 (108 kb)
Roads By-Law Template No3-March 2013 Roads%20By-Law%20Template%20No3-March%202013 (76 kb)
Moveable Signs By-Law - Template 4 Moveable%20Signs%20By-Law%20-%20Template%204 (75 kb)
Guideline for Applying Moveable Signs By-Law - Clause 11.2 - 2010 Guideline%20for%20Applying%20Moveable%20Signs%20By-Law%20-%20Clause%2011.2%20-%202010 (122 kb)
Dogs By-Law - Template 5 Dogs%20By-Law%20-%20Template%205 (55 kb)
Cat By-Law - Template 6(34 kb)
Guide to Preparing a Cat By-law(604 kb) 
Template Report to Council on by-law compliance with National Competition Policy - December 2013(131 kb)
Template Report to LRC - Cats - May 2009 Template%20Report%20to%20LRC%20-%20Cats%20-%20May%202009 (36 kb)
Template Report to LRC - Dogs - May 2009 Template%20Report%20to%20LRC%20-%20Dogs%20-%20May%202009 (37 kb)
Template Report to LRC - LG Land - May 2009 Template%20Report%20to%20LRC%20-%20LG%20Land%20-%20May%202009 (38 kb)
Template Report to LRC - Moveable Signs - May 2009 Template%20Report%20to%20LRC%20-%20Moveable%20Signs%20-%20May%202009 (37 kb)
Template Report to LRC - Permits Penalties - May 2009 Template%20Report%20to%20LRC%20-%20Permits%20Penalties%20-%20May%202009 (41 kb)
Template Report to LRC - Roads - May 2009 Template%20Report%20to%20LRC%20-%20Roads%20-%20May%202009 (37 kb)
LGA By-Laws Guidelines December 2010 LGA%20By-Laws%20Guidelines%20December%202010 (188 kb)


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