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Corporate Documents

The LGA works to three key documents - the Constitution, the Policy Manual, Strategic Plan, Annual Report and Annual Snapshot.

The 2014 LGA Constitution sets out the structure and operation of the Association.

The LGA Policy Manual is a compilation of the policies which are determined and amended by members at Ordinary and Annual General Meetings.

To assist in setting the LGA's broad priorities the Association has in place an LGA Strategic Plan 2011-2015 - including Annual Priorities for 2014-2015.

Abridged Annual Report

LGA Annual Snapshot 2012/2013 (1255 kb)
LGA Annual Snapshot 2011/2012 LGA%20Annual%20Snapshot%2020112012 (1651 kb)  

Annual Report

LGA 2012/2013 Annual ReportLGA%202011/212%20Annual%20Report (4300 kb)
LGA 2011/2012 Annual Report LGA%202011/212%20Annual%20Report (2225 kb)
LGA 2010/2011 Annual Report LGA%202010/2011%20Annual%20Report (7725 kb)
LGA 2009/2010 Annual Report LGA%202009/2010%20Annual%20Report (2313 kb)
LGA 2008/2009 Annual Report LGA%202008/2009%20Annual%20Report (6237 kb)
LGA 2007/2008 Annual Report LGA%202007-08%20Annual%20Report%20web%20version (3492 kb)
LGA 2006-2007 Annual Report LGA%202006-07%20Annual%20Report (2908 kb)
LGA 2005/2006 Annual Report LGA%202005/2006%20Annual%20Report (1055 kb)
LGA 2004/2005 Annual Report LGA Annual Report 2004 2005(726 kb)
LGA 2003/2004 Annual Report LGA Annual Report 03/03(769 kb)
LGA 2002/2003 Annual Report (2394 kb)
LGA 2001/2002 Annual Report (624 kb)

LGA Financial Report

LGA and Controlled Entities Financial Report 2012-2013(2409 kb)
LGA and Controlled Entities Financial Report 2011-2012 Consolidated%20Accounts (1505 kb)
LGA and Controlled Entities Financial Report 2010-2011 LGA%20and%20Controlled%20Entities%20Financial%20Report%202010-2011 (421 kb)
LGA and Controlled Entities Financial Report 2009-2010 LGA%20and%20Controlled%20Entities%20Financial%20Report%202009-2010 (1409 kb) 
LGA and Controlled Entities Financial Report 2008-2009 LGA%20and%20Controlled%20Entities%20Financial%20Report%202008-2009 (888 kb)
LGA and Controlled Entities Financial Report 2007-2008 LGA%20and%20Controlled%20Entities%20Financial%20Report%202007-2008 (5327 kb)  

LGA Mutual Liability Scheme and Workers Compensation Scheme Annual Reports 2012/2013

MLS Annual Report 2012/2013(2366 kb)

WCS Annual Report 2012/2013(1108 kb)



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