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Avoid the Fine

Councils don't want to fine you - they want you to abide by the rules!

Parking rules and regulations are put in place by the SA Parliament and Councils for good reasons - if you've ever had someone park across your driveway then you'll understand one of the reasons.  The main reason governments regulate  parking on the street is that in older areas businesses have not provided enough parking for customers - so public spaces are in big demand. Time limited parking forces people to leave after their "share" of the public space is used to allow others a fair go. Unfortunately many people do not abide by rules and so penalties have to be applied.

Councils plan parking areas and time limits carefully trying to match time limits to the needs of customers for surrounding businesses and taking into account available off-street parking. Some may be longer and some may be shorter.

Keep in mind that if everyone obeyed parking rules and time limits then no-one would pay a fine.


A great idea which avoids the whole parking issue is to catch public transport, ride a bike or walk. Some great park 'n' ride options are also being developed in the Adelaide area which combine parking in less congested areas at lower cost, with catching public transport to busier areas.

However if you can't avoid taking your vehicle into busy areas, here's a few tips to help you avoid a fine:


1 Plan Ahead

Know where you are going to park and identify an alternative in case the area or parking station is already full. Most street directories will indicate where parking areas are as will online maps such as Google Maps. There are also smartphone applications which make it easy (see tip 5 below).


2 Leave Early

Give yourself plenty of time - particularly if you don't know the area or if you need to be somewhere at a specific time. Arriving too late to find a park in a new area is a recipe for missing your appointment, or if you are inconsiderate to others, for finding a parking fine on your return. For example it's a basic courtesy not to use a disabled park if you don't have a permit.


3 Read the Signs

We put a lot of effort into telling you the rules so please take the time to look at road markings and to read the signs. If you want to know more about signs and rules have a look on
Council websites.


4 Set an Alarm

Most watches and phones have a simple alarm or timer function. Set a reminder with enough time to get back to your car before the time limit expires.


5 Use your Smartphone

Smartphones have alarm and timer functions but you can also get applications for many phones which make it easy. Some will locate parking stations for you and provide information about opening hours and fees. Some even have a GPS locator to help you find the way if you forget where you parked! Visit your smartphone's application store and find an app which could save you from a costly fine. Some apps are even free!

Many people use some of the above techniques when they visit busy areas and never get a parking fine.

Councils also listen. If you have a complaint about a parking fine then contact your Council and discuss the issue with them. And if you have an idea we could add to the list above, then tell us about it: Contact the LGA.

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