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Human Resources / Industrial Relations Service


The LGA is pleased to provide a panel of seven of the State’s most highly regarded legal, HR and recruitment firms to deliver comprehensive Human Resource and Industrial Relations services to the SA Local Government sector.

The firms selected all have significant experience working within the Local Government environment on Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management issues and Councils can be assured of a high standard of advice and assistance.

Councils can seek quotes directly from each provider confident of the level of expertise available and the favorable rate structure that has been negotiated by the LGA that should provide significant value to the sector.

Though the services provided to each Council remains highly confidential, each firm maintains contact with the LGA regarding the broader trends and issues surrounding the scope of the service in order to assist the LGA on in developing any policy matters which could impact on Employee Relations.

How to access the service

Please select the professional service required from the drop down list below to view the firms that are providing the service. You can make direct contact with each form from the details provided or click their logo to be linked to their website.


To see providers click on the heading below:

Industrial Relations Advisory Service

Service Description

For LGA member Councils and affiliated entities: provision, on request, for issues such as:

  1. Advice to subsidiaries on industrial relations and human resource matters.
  2. Organisation reviews.
  3. CEO and senior management performance reviews.
  4. Employment contracts.
  5. Enterprise bargaining negotiations.
  6. Representation in the Industrial Relations Commission (for the Council or the LGA).
  7. Unfair dismissal applications.
  8. Award Interpretation.
  9. Phone/email advisory service at no cost for general matters but the ability for provision of a fee for complex matters.
  10. Liaison with Unions individually or as a representative of the LGA or Council.
  11. Preparation of resources and guidelines, for the LGA as appropriate, including research and development.




HR/IR Service - Balance Human Resources Logo

and Norman Waterhouse Lawyers

Balance Human Resources Consulting
Rob Wallace, General Manager or (08) 8227 2296
David Steel, Principal Consultant or 0457 762 059
Christine Umapathysivam, Senior Consultant  or 0438 820 145
Sathish Dasan, Director or 0412 823 850


Piper Alderman
David Ey – 8205 3310
Erin McCarthy – 8205 3468
Stephen Dowd – 8205 3432



Wallmans Lawyers
Michael Kay - 8235 3044
Matoula Makris - 8235 3002 

CEO Performance Appraisals

Service Description

  1. Council CEO and senior management performance reviews.
  2. Provide “in house” training to Elected Members on the conduct of a review for the CEO.
  3. Develop and assess suitable key performance indicators for the positions of CEO and for senior officers.
  4. Review and adjust CEO position descriptions.
  5. Draft new or review current contracts of employment, which may incorporate access to legal advice.
  6. Development of a training needs analysis for the CEO where required by the Council.
  7. Preparation of guides and other resources for the sector for the LGA.




Scott Way
08 7324 6000 or 0419 860 328 

Bob Cooper - 0410 665 950
Rebecca Warren - 8201 1161


Rebecca Hunt
8100 7019



Recruitment of CEO & General LG Positions

Service Description

  1. Review position descriptions and write job advertisements.
  2. Place advertisements in press/internet job sites.
  3. Receive applications and acknowledge them on behalf of the Council.
  4. Assess applicants against criteria screening out unsuitable applicants.
  5. Developing a short list and forwarding to CEO selection committees, the CEO or relevant other position – as appropriate for the position for which support is being provided.
  6. Telephone interviewing.
  7. Face-to-face interviewing.
  8. Negotiating with successful applicants within pre-determined parameters agreed with Council (or Councils’ representative).
  9. Advising unsuccessful applicants.
  10. Drafting employment contracts, with access to legal advice where appropriate.
  11. Build data-base through applicant tracking system.
  12. Preparation of resources etc. for the sector as a whole.




Davies Stewart
Trudy Dickson
0412 497 580
Yasmine Johnson
8201 1116 or 0420 691 100
Rebecca Hunt
8100 7019


General Human Resource Management Support

Service Description

  1. Draft and review position descriptions.
  2. Organisational structure reviews.
  3. Training plan development.
  4. Workforce planning.
  5. Conflict resolution.
  6. HR policies and procedures development and review.
  7. Counselling of staff.
  8. Discipline and dismissal support and assistance.
  9. Liaison with Unions individually or as a representative of the LGA or Council.
  10. Preparation for the LGA of resources and guidelines for the sector, including research projects.




HR/IR Service - Balance Human Resources Logo and Norman Waterhouse Lawyers

Balance Human Resources Consulting
Rob Wallace, General Manager or (08) 8227 2296
David Steel, Principal Consultant or 0457 762 059
Christine Umapathysivam, Senior Consultant  or 0438 820 145
Sathish Dasan, Director or 0412 823 850
Scott Way
08 7324 6000 or 0419 860 328
Wallmans Lawyers
Michael Kay - 8235 3044
Matoula Makris - 8235 3002 


What services does the LGA offer outside the Panel Arrangement?  

In addition to the Panel arrangements above, the LGA, from time to time, engages Panel providers to deliver a range of other services and projects to assist Councils including:

  • Consultation and representation in the State Industrial Relations Commission regarding State Wage Cases.
  • Sector-wide enterprise or award negotiations.
  • Research and Development to support councils in their HR/IR responsibilities.
  • Representation on national Local Government Forums with other State Associations regarding HR/IR matters.

Please contact Andrew Haste, LGA Director Member Services via email to discuss your Council’s needs.

LGA Monitoring/Quality Control 

The LGA has engaged the panel of providers for a period of 2 years with contracts coming to completion in early September 2016.  Whilst a comprehensive tender process was undertaken to assess the skills and knowledge of the practitioners in each firm, we are keen to formally conduct a review of the service.  This does not prevent Councils providing their views on the service at any time, and the below “feedback  sheet” can be used at any time.  The formal review of the service will be conducted on an annual basis and address the following matters:

  • nature of services being sought by Councils
  • providers that are receiving the most/least work
  • quality of the services being provided, including timeliness
  • value for service perceived by Councils through accessing the panel of providers
  • other relevant factors

The LGA will also be seeking from Councils a quarterly report of usage as the LGA does receive a small commission from providers.  This commission is used for the management of the service and also to create a small fund to contribute towards projects and research that will enhance the practices of Councils in human resource management and industrial relations.


This form has been prepared to provide the LGA with immediate feedback where the service has worked really well for you and your Council or where you have an issue that has caused you to not be satisfied with the service. 

Please complete the form below or email Andrew Haste, LGA Director Member Service -


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