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Employee Relations

The LGA represents Councils as employers of at the State level and provides a comprehensive Employee Relations Service for Councils which includes:

Industrial Awards and Enterprise Agreements are available at the Industrial Commission Website  Just hit the approrpiate tab on the left side of the page, for instance, if you are looking for the Local Government Employees Award, hit Industrial Awards, and when the page comes up look under L.  Enterprise agreements are also listed in alphabetical order from the title, for example, District Council of Robe Enterprise Agremeent 2010 will be listed under D.

Employee Relations Briefing Sessions Program for 2014

  • 14 March (Tentative) - Human Resource Seminar

Workforce Planning for Local Government in South Australia - Councils in Profile Project

The "Workforce Planning for Local Government in South Australia - Councils in Profile" project has been undertaken to assist the sector to respond to emerging trends and changing needs in Local Government and communities that impact on the Local Government workforce. It can be used as the basis for individual Council assessment of workforce planning issues and/or as the basis for the development of a Council's Workforce Plan.

Local Government Human Resource Management Manual Project

The Local Government Research and Development Scheme provided funding to develop a Human Resources Management Manual which has been designed to assist Councils to administer various employee relations matters. A series of model policies, guidelines, procedural documents and forms are now available via the link below in downloadable word format.  An updated version of this manual will be available from 11 March 2011.

Local Government CEOs, Senior Managers and Human Resource practitioners can use these resources to plan and develop a range of human resource management policies, procedures and guidelines.

CEO Salaries Comparison

The LGA has contracted to provide a report each year on Council CEO salaries and total remuneration packages. It also incorporates a comparison of SA Local Government CEO salaries with relevant interstate Local Government, State and Federal Government and private sector CEO salaries. This is designed to assist Councils when contracting CEOs or re-negotiating arrangements with CEOs. The most current report is provided here:

CEO salary report 2014(283 kb)
CEO salary report 2014 table(62 kb)

Workforce Skills Audit Tool for Planning Function Employees

The 'Workforce Skills Audit Tool for Planning Function Employees' has been designed to obtain important information about the work performed in the planning function of your Council.

It will identify the skills your Council currently has and enable a comparison of these skills with the competencies required to accomplish your Council's goals and objectives in relation to the planning function. This comparison will identify any skills gap between current abilities and immediate and/or future needs.

With the current shortage of qualified planners it is important for Councils to be proactive in planning for future needs in this area.

Workforce Skills Audit Tool for Planning Function Employees Workforce%20Skills%20Audit%20Tool%20for%20Planning%20Function%20Employees (177 kb)

Brokered Services

The LGA brokers access to several industrial and employee relations consultants for Councils who are experienced in Local Government issues. To find out more, phone 8224 2000 or 0430 816 665.

Employee Relations and Training Projects

Award Modernisation - Classification Structure Review (2014.01)

Careers & Employment Expo Resources

CEO Appraisal Process - Code of Practice (2014.15)

Consolidated EBA and Classification Structure (2013.40)

Graduate Register

Labour Turnover Cost Study

Local Government Centre for Excellence

Online & Distance Learning (2014.10)

Recruitment of Overseas Skilled Workers

Regional Airport Classification Structure and Training Needs

Review of Minor Local Government Awards (2013.19)

Review of MOA Classification Structure

Shape Your World DVD

Transition Plan in the event of Local Government moving from the State to Federal Industrial Relations System

Volunteer Management Toolkit (2011.38)

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