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Council Rates - resources

This page contains information to assist Councils in setting rates and working with communities.

In South Australia, council rates are a form of property taxation and property values play an important part in determining how much each individual rate payer contributes. As it is a system of taxation, the rates paid may not directly relate to the services used by each rate payer. An "ad valorem" principle applies which means that the higher the value of the property, the higher the amount to be paid in the form of rates.

Councils work hard to ensure that rates are kept to a reasonable level, consistent with meeting local community requirements for maintaining infrastructure and providing services. They also seek to ensure that rates are applied across the community as fairly as possible. To assist in making the impact of rates fairer to the community, councils have a number of options that they can use in determining how rates will be set.

A range of resources (listed below) including guidelines, model policy and information papers, have been prepared to assist councils apply the rating provisions.

Council Rates - Public Information - A range of Fact Sheets designed specifically to assist the public and media understand the system of rating and financing Local Government services.

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