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Local Government in SA manages its finances conservatively under extreme constraints. It has access to one tax, Council Rates, has very low debt and receives an unfair share of State and Federal government funding.

2016 Model Financial Statements for SA

The 2016 Model Financial Statements were released on 26 May 2016 after being approved by the Minister for Local Government, the Hon. Geoff Brock.

As in recent years, the South Australian Local Government Financial Management Group (SALGFMG) worked with Coalface Software Solutions to develop the set of Model Financial Statements for South Australian Councils for 2016.

SA Local Government Model Financial Statements 2016 - approved(1780 kb)

Economic and Finance Projects

Nation Building and Fiscal Stimulus Package (25.04.76)

Raising Awareness of Regional Contributions (2011.35)

Regional Capacity Building Allocation (25.02.34)

Shared Services Analysis and Economic Modelling (2016.15)

Support for Councils to Address Rating Matters (25.03.29)

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