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2014 Local Government Elections Nominate


Are you are a community leader?

Democracy in Australia means we get to vote for the people who make decisions at Local, State and Federal governments. Most people who are on the Council voters roll can stand for election. If voters prefer you, then you can be elected and sit with other Councillors to make local decisions for your community. It’s a little more complicated than that but if you think you have something to offer then you should read on.

The resources on this page are designed to assist you to make a decision about whether or not to stand for election and to help you understand the process. To stand in the 2014 Council Elections you need to lodge a nomination with the Council by noon on Tuesday 16 September.

So you want to be on Council

A guide for those considering nomination:
2014 Council Election - So you want to be on Council - Booklet(3130 kb)


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Quick Links


Information Fact Sheets

Candidate Website Information Sheet


Information Fact Sheet 1:  Councils at work

Information Fact Sheet 2:  Interested in taking up a role as a Council Member

Information Fact Sheet 3:  On the campaign trail

Information Fact Sheet 4: Where to go for more information

These information sheets above are also contained in the packaged files below which are tailored for unrepresented groups

2014 SA Aboriginals Speak up for your community image 2014 SA Multicultural Speak Up image 2014 SA with Disabilities Get Involved image 2014 SA Women Speak Up image 2014 SA Young SAs Speak up for your community

2014 Aboriginal SA Speak up

for your community(2140 kb)

2014 Multicultural SA Speak up
for your community(2455 kb)

2014 South Australians with disabilities Get Involved

for your community(2127 kb)

2014 South Australian Women
Speak Up for your community(2715 kb)
2014 Young SA Speak up
for your community(2127 kb)

 Clean text version of the Disabilities version in Word: Candidates Information Sheet - Clean Text Version(571 kb)

Nomination Forms & ECSA Nomination Kit

The Electoral Commission of SA produces a nomination kit for candidates which includes a hard copy of the above publication “ So you want to be on Council.” The kit is available from Councils.

The kit, including nomination forms and other relevant information for the City of Adelaide, and for all other Councils, is also available online at:


Candidate Forums

Most Councils are conducting Candidate Forums and further information can be found on Council websites now and here: Candidate Forums


Other information

Council Member Allowances

If you are elected, then an allowance and some other support will be available to help you perform your public duties. The SA Remuneration Tribunal has set allowances for 2014-2018 here: Tribunal Determination Page.

Council Members Guide 

Information coming soon

Post election Education & Training Opportunities

LGA Education and Training Programs - Council Election Training Programs

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