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Local Government Entities

Councils are passionate about providing excellent services in the most efficient way possible. The LGA owns or has supported the establishment of a number of entities which provide cost and effectiveness benefits via 'bulk' commercial arrangements.

They are shared services across all or a majority of councils in SA. These provide multi-million dollar savings to local government and therefore ultimately to the community. The LGA itself is a shared service providing a range of benefits to councils. These include education and training services and some commercial-type arrangements, such as contracting of a website content management system. Information about some of these can found in the Electronic Services Program area.

Related entities include (and clicking on the organistion's name will provide additional information or direct you to that organisation's website):

  • LGA Procurement (wholly owned subsidiary of the LGA) - manages a range of bulk arrangements and online solutions for Councils including bulk tendering.
  • The LGA Workers Compensation Scheme (LGAWCS)
    providing workers compensation cover and risk management services to all Councils in SA.

    The LGA Mutual Liability Scheme (LGAMLS)
    providing public liability and professional indemnity cover and risk management services to all Councils in SA.

  • The LGA Asset Mutual Fund - a commercial arrangement between the LGA and Jardine Lloyd Thomson (JLT) Pty Ltd
    Providing asset insurance services to all Councils in SA.
  • The Local Community Insurance Services (LCIS) - a commercial arrangement brokered by JLT provides protection to local community groups and not for profits through tailored insurance and risk mangement solutions that meet the needs of the local government and community sectors.
  • The Local Government Finance Authority - a separate statutory authority established pursuant to the Local Government Finance Authority Act
    (which borrows and invests in bulk for Councils);
  • StatewideSuper - Trust the Local  - (the Local Government Superannuation Scheme) - originally established pursuant to the Local Government Act but now part of a larger SA scheme.
    (which manages superannuation for Local Government in SA and the Northern Territory).

The LGA also supports Public Library Services, a unit of the State Library, which manages the bulk purchase of books and internet access and is managing the roll-out of the new One Card Network. Contracted by LGA Procurement this system is saving councils more than $2.6m in purchasing and implementation - along with ongoing savings locally. The system will make access to digital services and more than 4 million items in SA's public library network available to any user at any public library in the network. 

In addition to these State-wide initiatives of the LGA, councils derive efficiencies by contracting out, and by working together regionally and with neighbouring councils.

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