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Council rates

Council rates are essential for maintaining vibrant, clean and safe local communities.
The average South Australian household pays around $25 per week in council rates.
We know that adds up. But do you know how many services your rates actually fund?


Local council services are part of your everyday. 

Did you know council rates are only 4% of the total taxes paid by Australians?

And yet, SA councils are being asked to do more and more. Forced to collect state taxes through your rates, forced to give subsidies and exemptions, forced to take on new roles and responsibilities. This puts pressure on council rates.

Imagine no playgrounds or local parks, libraries, sports club facilities, community halls or seniors' services.

What would life be like without food inspections at local restaurants, rules about development, or provision of volunteer support programs?

Imagine your everyday without street lighting, rubbish collection, or the maintenance of pavements, roadways, street trees and verges.

In fact, South Australian councils look after about $22 billion worth of public assets. That's a lot of maintenance.

Council rates equate to around $3.50 per day for the average Australian household. A small price to pay for the hundreds of services and facilities that make your community great.

To learn more about how Councils are part of your everyday visit: Part of your everyday


Council Rates - Fact Sheets

These fact sheets provide information which applies generally to local government in South Australia, for information relating to rating policies of a specific council please refer to the website of the council in question.

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