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Youth Advisory Committees

A Youth Advisory Committee is a committee of young people (12-25 years old) who discuss local youth issues and provide information and advice to their local Council and other interested people on relevant youth issues, so that their views can be incorporated into decision making in their local community.

Youth Advisory Committees empower young people because the young people themselves run them.

Activities that Youth Advisory Committees are, or could be, involved in include:

  • Representing local youth issues
  • Providing advice to elected members and council staff
  • Consulting with local young people and conducting local youth surveys
  • National Youth Week activities
  • Lobbying community decision makers
  • Promoting a positive image of young people.

For further information about Youth Advisory Committees visit the Office for Youth's website.
(YACs are funded through a State Government program)

Contact your local Council to find out if they run their own Youth Advisory Committee.






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