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You can change the world you live - literally. From the streets and parks you use to events, facilities and services your community enjoys. Local Government combines great conditions and the empowerment to put yuor ideas into action. With 8,000 people in 68 Councils, we're one of SA's largest employers. And with organisations ranging from 10 to 600 staff, you can pick your size. Fast track your career, or start a brand new one. We'll provide the training, responsibility and support you need. You'll even keep your entitlements if you move between Councils! Your Talent. Our Clout. Together we can truly make a difference!

Our special careers website is now available to help you careers in Council at: http://www.careersincouncil.sa.gov.au

There are a multitude of Careers in Local Government - and because every Council is different, there are many kinds of staff in each.

To see the various key role types for careers available in Local Government click here.

To have a look at some current positions available in Councils around South Australia click here.

For other links to careers sites on the internet click here.

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