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2017 SA Council CEO Remuneration Survey

28 July 2017

The average remuneration for South Australian council CEOs (inclusive of base salary, superannuation and vehicle) as of 1 December 2016 was $219,917, according to the LGA’s Annual CEO Remuneration Survey, released on the Association’s website today.

This figure represents growth of 2.5 percent over the past 12 months, when compared to the average of $214,503 reported in last year’s survey.

LGA Executive Director Corporate and Member Services Kathy Jarrett said the LGA produces its CEO Remuneration Survey to allow the local government sector and South Australian community to accurately compare remuneration across councils, and against other spheres of government and the private sector.

“As a sector of government we are transparent around the salaries that are paid to all of our staff,” Ms Jarrett said.

“All councils are required to maintain an up to date register of salaries that is publicly available to view at their head office on request.”

“However, this annual survey allows our communities to easily access this information online - not just for their council, but for local government right across the State.”

“It also helps councils themselves to benchmark the remuneration they provide against neighbouring and similarly sized councils in SA and across Australia.”

“This survey reinforces that council CEO salaries are on par with similar leadership roles in the public and private sectors, and commensurate with their responsibilities in leading hundreds of staff, administering multi-million dollar budgets, and managing billions of dollars in community infrastructure.”

Past surveys have only captured base salaries, and superannuation and vehicle costs for CEOs. However, this year’s survey has been expanded to also include additional benefits such as professional development programs and association memberships, phone and laptop, rental assistance (for some regional and remote councils), and other benefits.

Including these additional benefits takes the average total remuneration package for South Australian council CEOs as of December 2016 to $223,130.

The LGA’s CEO Remuneration Survey also provides a national context, reporting that council CEO packages are highest in NSW ($304,530), Queensland ($298,042) and Victoria ($296,001), and lowest in South Australia ($223,130), Northern Territory ($217,767) and Tasmania ($217,021).  

The full survey can be downloaded here.

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