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Volunteers connect closely with local communities to help build vibrant places to live, work and play. Many council programs and services would not be provided without the support of volunteers.

To find out more about volunteering in your community please contact your local council - SA Councils - General Contact Details  (36 kb)

Our 11,000 volunteers across councils in South Australia come from all walks of life - business people, community leaders, students, parents and retirees. Whether you want to help others, gain valuable experience, share your own skills or make new friends we may have just the right thing for you.

There is a huge variety of volunteering roles which can be flexible according to your availability, skills and interests. Help for a day at a special event, be part of a project for a few weeks or contribute to a longer term service.

Councils support volunteering to:

  • develop and strengthen the links between councils and their communities
  • provide personal development opportunities for individuals
  • tap into the skills, experience, talents, energies, ideas and knowledge of people in our communities
  • enable councils to extend and expand services.

A volunteer is a person who:

  • benefits the community, council and themselves by participating in volunteer programs
  • provides their services of their own free will
  • does not receive any monetary reward (out of pocket expenses are not regarded as monetary reward)
  • complements, but does not replace or threaten the livelihood of paid workers.

What's in it for you?

  • share your own knowledge and skills with others
  • meet new people and expand your networks
  • be involved in activities and programs that make a real difference to your local communities
  • gain new skills and experience in an area of interest that can create a pathway to employment. 

For further information, contact your local council:

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