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Solid fuel barbecues on Christmas Day

It is possible Christmas Day will be a total fire ban day in the Adelaide metropolitan area, as well as other areas around the state.

When a total fire ban day is declared, the use of solid fuel outdoor cookers (webers, pizza ovens, braziers and rottiserie spits) is prohibited without a permit.

Electric or gas barbecues can be used without a permit on total fire ban days provided precautions are taken. These include

  • the BBQ being within 15 metres of a domestic premises or a coastal foreshore
  • clear of all flammable material to a distance of at least 4 metres
  • that a person who is able to control the fire is present at the site of the fire until it is extinguished, and
  • an appropriate extinguisher is at hand.

Some councils – generally those who employ Fire Prevention Officers – are authorised to provide permits. However, this typically involves a site inspection, and they may not be resourced to issue permits to everyone who applies before Christmas.

Residents in regional areas, or peri-urban fringe areas, should call their council to enquire about the potential for acquiring a permit.

Most metropolitan councils will not have an authorised officer to issue permits. In these instances, residents with solid-fuel cookers are advised to consider alternative cooking arrangements for Christmas Day.

The CFS will announce whether Christmas Day is a total fire ban day at 4pm on Christmas Eve.

More information on what you can and can't do on a total fire ban day can be accessed through the CFS website.

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