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LGA Board Members' Information Manual

The following information is provided to all LGA Board Members and Deputy Members to assist them to represent their region during their term of office on the LGA Board.  The information on this page will be continually updated with amendments to policies, and other changes as required. 


For further information about the LGA Board, please contact Jacqui Kelleher, Manager Corporate Services on 8224 2039 or

LGA Board Members Information Manual - as at May 2015(802 kb)

Attachment A - LGA Secretariat Telephone and Email List - as at May 2015(123 kb)

Attachment B - Secretariat Organisational Structure - current

Attachment C - LGA Constitution - current

Attachment D - LGA Policy Manual - current

Attachment E - LGA Strategic Plan including Annual Priorities - current

Attachment F - Proposed 2016 and 2017 LGA Meeting Dates(146 kb)

Attachment G - Reimbursement of LGA Committee Member Expenses for Conferences Seminars - as at May 2015(56 kb)

Attachment H - Guidelines for Allowances paid to the LGA President, Past President and Vice Presidents, and to other Members of the LGA Board - as at May 2015(78 kb)

Attachment I - Frequent Flyer points accrued by LGA Members - as at May 2015(65 kb)

Attachment J - Nominations to Outside Bodies - as at May 2015(294 kb)

Attachment K - Reimbursement of Member and Officer Expenses - Boards and Committees - as at May 2015(176 kb)

Attachment L - Appointing Members to LGA Scheme Boards - as at May 2015(132 kb)

Attachment M - LGA Decision Making Chart - as at May 2015(100 kb)

Attachment O - Standing Orders for Meetings of the LGA Board, Executive Committee and other LGA Committees - as at May 2015(203 kb)

Attachment P - Gifts & Benefits Policy for LGA Office Bearers - as at May 2015(68 kb)

Attachment Q - Code of Conduct for LGA Office Bearers - as at May 2015(172 kb)

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