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Vol 3 - Issue 2: Monday 22 January 2018

Dear Mayors and Councillors2016_LorraineRosenberg_photosupplied_191216

I have decided to go weekly with my communications to you until the election. This is to hopefully keep you on top of issues as they arise, and allow you to quickly respond, either to me or directly to candidates in your council area. 

This is an extremely important time for South Australia, including for local government and the communities we represent.

You may see us move proactively on areas of mutual interest if the need arises. As always, I am happy to receive any feedback or advice.

LGA President Mayor Lorraine Rosenberg



The code of conduct system for council members in SA has unfortunately become a political football.

Our sector has identified a way forward, but we need the backing of the State Parliament for the solutions we’ve proposed.

Last week I announced that the LGA will host a code of conduct round table with our State’s political parties.

The roundtable will be held at LG House this Wednesday, and will be an opportunity for participants to discuss the issues with the current code, share their views on the LGA’s proposal, and commit to being a part of the solution.

I look forward to sharing outcomes from this round table with you, and working collaboratively with councils and all political parties to deliver a better and more effective code of conduct system for local government.

The LGA is working hard to build the tools that councils need to effectively manage behaviour issues as they arise.  Prevention is better than the cure though, and we should always be striving to act in a manner that is befitting of an elected representative. 




Last Thursday the SA Liberal Party announced an election pledge of $10 million towards mobile black spot funding for regional South Australia.

Mobile phone coverage is a big issue for regional communities, and impacts on public safety, economic development, health and education.

The LGA has pushed for increased State Government investment in mobile black spot funding the last few years – including in our 2018 state election platform South Australia. Uncapped potential – and we welcome this commitment from the SA Liberal party.

Over the weekend the Liberal Party has also announced an extra $4 million for coast protection. The focus of this announcement was on protection of the natural environment which is welcomed, but not on protecting community infrastructure where we have called for a much greater state government funding commitment – $40 million over four years.

This morning we heard that SA Labor has committed to a $150 million ten year regional development fund.  This matches the SA Liberal Party commitment to a Regional Growth Fund of $150 million over ten years.

It was disappointing that the first question in this morning’s leader’s debate on ABC Adelaide Radio was about rate capping. Our State is facing some significant challenges and the focus of all parties should be on addressing these issues, and not interfering with other spheres of government. South Australians deserve better.

We are continuing to advocate to all parties on the important issues for SA as outlined in our election platform, and I will keep you updated on key announcements as they occur.


Members access to LGAMembers access to LGA website

You can now set up your own personal account to access the member’s only section of the LGA’s website.

Just click on “register new user” next time you log in, and you will be led through a series of prompts to set up your account using your council-issued email address.

If you have any difficulties please email for assistance.


2018_LGA_StateElection_Update_Graphic_V2_800pxW.jpgState election candidate update

All nominations for the state election close at noon on 26 February and political parties are still updating their candidate pages on their websites.

Each week I will provide you with an updated list of candidates from local government as we become aware of them.

If you’ve decided to run – or are thinking about running - in the March election, please let us know. We’d love to have a chat with you and get your views on our election policy platform Uncapped Potential




Contact details

Lachlan Clyne



John Woodward



Kendall Jackson



Kris Hanna

SA Best


Lynton Vonow



Andrew Stratford

SA Best


Paula Luethen



Steven Rypp



Andy Legrand

SA Best


Karen McColl



Hazel Wainwright

SA Best


Peter Field



Stephen Patterson



Gary Johanson

SA Best

Port Adelaide

Sam Johnson

SA Best



For further information or to submit feedback please email: The LGA President or call 08 8224 2000.


148 Frome Street, Adelaide SA 5001 | Phone: 8224 2000 | Email:



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