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LGAP Contracts - Works Contracts

Engineering Services, Open Spaces, Parks Gardens and Playgrounds, Mobile Garbage Bins and Road Signs listed below.

  • Engineering Services Panel

    LGA Procurement has a panel arrangement in place for the provision of Engineering Consultancy Services, Asset Management Services and Water Management Engineering Services..

  • Mobile Garbage Bins

    Mobile Garbage Bins, Industrial Containers & Bins, Static Compactors, Associated Products and Services.

  • Open Spaces, Parks, Gardens and Playgrounds (Goods, Services & Works)

    This arrangement caters for a diverse range of goods, services and works including playground equipment, lighting, shade structures, Landscaping and gardening and supplies, synthetic ground covers, fitness equipment and prefabricated structures..

  • Road Sign and Associated Products

    LGA Procurement has a panel arrangement for the supply and installation of road signs and associated products for access by Councils and Local Government entities across South Australia..

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